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Grail get + not-so-small collection update!

A few of my Pokémon plush are packed away due to moving in a few months plus lack of space, and my tiny bookshelf that holds my collection is a little disorganized and messy... Or, very much so. Buuut, since I got a super mega awesome grail today, I figured I'd show off a little of my collection, and hopefully in a few months when I move we can all marvel at how much better and more awesome my collection looks, heh ^^

So, onwards to the pictures!

May as well start with the grail then... >:3


Nothing could be cuter than that happy little face and fuzzy toes.
Of course, I have never spent even close to the amount I spent on this cheeky rat, and I probably won't again for a looong time... Though it depends, I still very much want that airgurumi Drifloon haha~ But I think it was totally worth it, and for once I had the money to splurge :3
My Raichu "collection" if it even counts as one is still very tiny, despite Raichu being my number one Pokémon for over 10 years... But the few plush and other bits and bobs I do have are very much loved. I'm sure fuzzy here will make a mighty Queen.
I'm unsure if it's okay to tag the person I bought it from, but thank you very much!

Speaking of Raichu collections, here's an awful picture of my Raichu plush (Pokédoll, Hasbro, Banpresto) and kid figures (just the 2!)

I'm still waiting for my HQ Raichu plush... But hopefully she'll be able to join the group soon too. Also, Raichu riding a Raikou is probably my favourite thing.

My main Raichu collection however is my trading cards. I'm missing a fair few really nice cards, like Jasmine's Raichu and the Lvl X and EX cards, but I'm pretty darn proud of my little collection, especially my Shining Raichu!


I also got a 1:1 Emolga recently too, and I'm super in love with how soft it is. It's a really nice size too! She joins Fuzzy Raichu, Minccino (Jakks) and the 2 Duckletts (kid and Pokédoll) on top of the bookshelf, for now!


(yeah, my collection is really disorganized and "where ever it fits, it sits" right now!)

I also have some very small updates on my Woobat, Porygon and Drifloon collections. I now have the Woobat Pokédoll and the Haunted Night handkerchief (which features Woobat and Drifloon, but for now is folded) in my Woobat collection. In my Drifloon/Drifblim collection, I added 3 Drifloon Battrio coins and the Pokémon Time Drifloon charm! Porygon has the biggest update though, as I now have a small Porygon badge, a kid for Porygon, Porygon2 (clear) and Porygon-Z and the Banpresto Porygon-Z plush, which took a while to find, but it popped up in the end!

Porygon/Porygon2/Porygon-Z and Drifloon/Drifblim collections

Woobat/Swoobat collection (plus random TCG coins, whoops)

All 3 of these collections are very slow to grow, sadly. I don't really spot a lot of merch popping up for them... Right now, I'm pretty happy with my tiny batch of Porygons, and my main priorities are the Throw Pokéballs for Woobat and Drifloon, Airgurumi 'Floon (but I don't expect that to be soon) and the Pokémon Time Drifloon candy tin, with or without candy. So maybe eventually I'll be able to update once again!

Also some random plush from on top of my wardrobe, because I can't fit them all in!

Bidoof is pretty much the best thing ever, it talks and it's suprisingly soft considering it has the voice box inside of it. Also managed to get all 3 TOMY Kalos starters and American Giratina Pokédoll. Still can't find that darn TOMY Snivy anywhere though...


And finally, this is my mess. I mean, collection. The Raichu and assorted figures shelf is awful at the moment, it probably won't get better till I move and get wall shelves, but at least their pretty safe up there.

I also got a few really cool Pokémon cards, but because this post is getting kinda long, I'm going to squish the pics a little. Hopefully they're still veiwable!


I got something slighty related on Pokémon Platinum the other day too, a very special "grail" of sorts.

As none of you probably know, I'm a shiny hunter! My collection is small but my motivation is strong... A few weeks back I decided to finally bite the bullet and hunt for something I'd always really want, and after only a few days of soft resetting, I finally got it <3


It (or she, as I ended up calling her) is now a Porygon2 and is making it's journey to become a Porygon-Z soon... I don't have a name for it/her yet though, if anyone has a good one ;A;
Names are tough!

I'm also 32,000 random encounters into a hunt for Sandile in Relic Castle on Black 2 as part of a Badge Quest... Luck would be much appreciated at this point, it's horribly boring. On that note, question time; Has anyone else ever attempted a Badge Quest (catch a shiny before every gym battle)? I'm also starting one on SoulSilver, if Totodile ever shines. So far, I got a Cyndaquil instead ^^

Thank you for reading my stupidly long, rambly post. I'll probably try and update more often, but I might just do a HUGE update (bigger than this, but with more pictures less words) when I move and have a prettier collection... I might have some sales up soon though, when I work out the logistics. Just a few items, mostly trading cards!

May as well include this while I'm here too!

Wants list links;

General -
TCG (just Raichu currently) -

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