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New Member Intro!!

Hello everyone!!
I'm Maddy and I'm super excited because I finally had time to start up an LJ account and join the comm :D I lurked around for a looooong time and never had a spare minute to get my collection organized and set up so I can get proper pics and share my collection with you guys :) But, since college officially ended for the summer (and I got a summer job >:3) I figured I'd finally join!
Okay, so, a bit about me: I live in NY (about an hour or so away from Nintendo World) and I've been collecting pokemon plushies/figures ever since I was a little girl! Pokemon's literally my life haha. But, within the past year, I got into seriously collecting stuffs instead of just buying random things from eBay or Toys R Us or whatevs. I've got a variety of plushies and figures, but I've been trying to build a Charizard collection (hes my fave<3) and more recently a Froakie collection (I just fell in love with him after X and Y came out :P) Also, I LOVE Houndoom/houndour, but sadly there aren't many legit plushes of them TT_TT, i've got my eye on a few customs tho >:3
Now that I'm actually working again, I can save up my checks and order a bunch of X and Y merch and start buying from the community as well :)

I posted some pics of my collection under the cut, hope you all enjoy :] and I look forward to getting acquainted with the community ^.^

Half My collection!

Close Ups of the bottom shelf
Mostly my legendary Pokedolls and my Tomy Latias who desperately needs her match!

Next two shelves: My Char Collections so far (with one being a bootie that I bought by accident :x) The charmeleon plush was custom made from Etsy and its actually posable!! The Houndour and Quilava are also Booties I bought before I was aware of them, but I have to say, I still love them..
I'm also super proud of my Sceptile pokedoll and posable Bayleef that I bought from NYC Pokemon Center back in the day

These guys were too big for the shelves, but these are some of my favorites in the collection. My Tomy recall Groudon I got wayyy back when NYC still had a Pokemon Center and my Tomy Lucario I love to death<3

Here a few Misc. gets from Nintendo World (The I<3 Eevee Umbreon is actually from an Anime Con)

The rest of my plushies are here!
I have all 1:1 Kalos Starters which was one of my greatest accomplishments >:3 Also the beginnings of a greta Froakie collection :D
The 1:1 Totodile is one of my recent gets, I got for a steal on eBay. I was freaking out when I got him xD

These are just -some- of my figures that I have on display. I dont have enough room for all my figures, so the rest are in storages

My small Pokemon friends collection along with my Oshawatt Backpack
(also, L snuck in the photo xD)

And last but not least, my lovely Play-by-Play Chars<3
Charizard (who's name is Charzy :P) is a bit floppy, and totally shows his age haha
Charmander I bought on eBay recently and restored his stuffing and painted his eyes so they weren't scratched! Safe to say, I love these two a bunch!!
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