chihuahuaowner (chihuahuaowner) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question for custom kid painters + some yetis

The repaints I've seen on here are awesome, and they make me want to do some myself/commission someone for some. My question is, is it difficult if I have no artistic talent whatsoever, OR how much does it usually cost to commission someone here in the comm to do this? If I were to do this myself what would I need to get? I've been seeing a ton of snovers and abomasnows in sales posts and was hoping to repaint one of each type into the shiny form <3

Sorry for the boring post, here's my snover line collection to date, minus my charms and flats. (I packed them up since I'll be moving soon)
photo (2)

As always I'm still looking for snover line/phantump/pumpkaboo/mismagius/duskull items <3 oh and blue shellos line too!
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