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Collection Mini Update + Webstore Unveiling

Hello everyone! I have a fun post today, including a mini collection update (and a look at my TCG collection, which I rarely talk about!). I also have a new webstore that I will post a little banner for at the bottom. ^^

Let's start with something fairly simple. I skipped my Pikachu and etc. shelves because those have not really been added to recently. The other day, I decided to re-organize my yellow pokedoll cabinet by color. This was the result:

(Oh gosh I love having my clock right next to my pokedolls alskjsl;kdgjal;kg pefection <333)

My Larvitar shouldn't be at the bottom shelf, but I like to keep him next to my shiny legendaries. Sooo let's just pretend Larvitar is brown or something. XD

According to my collection site, I currently have 157 pokedolls + my one plushplush. And hopefully I will be adding more to the collection soon. ^^ I really need to set up little steps for my pokedolls so all of them can be displayed, I just haven't gotten around to doing it. I wanted to use clear acrylic steps but it looks like those would cost a lot to fill up my cabinet.. >.>;

Moving onto the TCG! Here's a photo of most of my TCG binders on my bed. My TCG collection is sorted by set, so I have a lot of binders and there are some blank spaces in the pages. And take a moment to admire the Pokemon blanket underneath that I got from Spencer's.

The three binders in the corner are the only three that do not carry sets in this photo (there are at least 2 more binders that are missing). The blue binder with Charizard on it holds my 1st edition cards, the 2nd gen binder is where I store my shinies, and the larger white binder is where I store promos/FAs/EXs/Legendaries/Lvl X cards. Just for fun, I am going to show off all of my Shiny Pokemon cards so far + my one Crystal card (and by shiny, I mean alternate colored, not sparkly holo XD):

Annnd just as an example, here's one of my FA pages. When FAs were recently announced, I remember that I hated the idea. After I pulled my first FA (Zekrom FA, and then Reshiram was in the very next pack behind it!) I absolutely fell in love with them. I have no idea how I ever could have hated the idea of such gorgeous cards! Does anyone have a favorite FA in their collection? Mine is either the Giratina or the Xerneas.

(I resized all of my images on Photobucket, but it's taking a really long time for the changes to show up. I apologize if the images are currently really large, hopefully they'll update shortly.)

And finally, the site! ^^ I recently opened a webstore called PokeCenterUSA, and thought I would introduce it to the comm. I occasionally post blog entires with reviews of items from my collection, and there is a link to my personal collection site as well. Here's the little header that I have for the site for now, and I will be making a better banner in the near future. ^^ Just click the image to visit the site!


(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched)

And if you'd like to skip to my collection site instead, here's the header for that one too.:


As always, if you would like to be added to the Other links section on my site, just comment and let me know! I would greatly appreciate it if you added my site to yours as well. :)

Thank you everyone! <3
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