Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

5 packages + Pokémon Center Paris in a week o/

Hello everyone o/
*weird preview to make this post more colorful*

I was expecting those packages so much, but it was really funny to have 4 delivery notices in the mailbox yesterday x)
Thus, there are 3 packages from hobby_japan, 2 from Noppin and a little package from nightmare_chan :3
But in the other hand the stuff quantity is not so big compared to the number of packages. Because as you'll see, most of the plushies are DX/Large ones :D

Let's not wait any longer, here are my babies !!!

Espurr Wanted!!! Promo
It was just impossible to resist :O And they are so soft <3 *add any superlative*

Cuteness everywhere *o*
I think that I love them all :O So I won't comment more in order to avoid the use of "cute, soft & cie" xDD
Just two things. First, I really appreciate the bright material used for Ponyta's mane :3
And then, there is something strange with my Dedenne's tag. By strange I don't mean suspicious. I'm sure he is legit. But look at the paper tag.
Protected under plastic oO The explanation is that a part around the hole is torn. I first thought this was made by the seller. But then I paid attention to the quality of the protection (for example, the plastic has the same hole as the paper tag) and I realized that this could only be made by the Pokémon Center itself (or the factory). Am I right ?
Did it happen to some of you too ? (especially those who buy stuff at the PC)

I'm in love with that Totodile face <3
The Shiny custom straps are nice too :)

And now a reminder of the next week event : a Pokémon Center in Paris o/
Here is the meetup post

In addition, I let you know that chain will clone my Pokéball Vivillon o/ Thus I think he'll be able to give you one if you are sweet :3
Besides, there is a facebook page for the event
(2,600 participants at the moment o/)

By the way, I created a facebook page for my collection (more into gets, events, merch announcements, ...)
(it's written in French but you're really welcome :3)

For more details you still have my collection website
(send me a message if you want to share links)

And take to look at my sales o/
(especially if you are planning to buy some PC Paris merch ^^)

Thank you for reading :3
Have a good day/night o/

PS: I would be grateful if someone could translate me the green and blue writtings (with romaji) :)
Tags: dedenne, espurr, events, farfetch'd, meowstic, meowth, mew, pichu, ponyta, pumpkaboo, totodile, treecko, vivillion
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