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Swingcharm winners and other stuff

So this is regaurding the post here ---->

So originally some of these swingcharms I had auctioned off a bit over a year ago, and these were the previous winners and how much they bid ->

Arcanine - steelfangs - $19 $12
Ninetails - Lady_Avii - $22 $12
Natu - mewisme700 - $7
Stantler and Togetic (Sealed) - psychtiger - $14
Spinarak - orangey_blue - $7
Ledian and Togetic (Opened) - elite_zak91 - $12
Yanma 1 - shuuichi_chan - $7 Withdrawn
Feraligatr - feraligroggles - $12
Chinchou - o_0digitidzx_x - $9
Yanma 2 - dialny - + $13.50
Ariados - ubi_chan - + $8.50
Magcargo (opened) - lavacookies - $6.50
Bellossom (opened) and Ariados (opened) - kittay752 - $14
Jumpluff (opened) - eevie_chu - $5
Pichu (opened) - bunnystrut - $5 Withdrawn

New Winners -

Miss10 - Mew Pose 1 picture 4, Lugia  - $25
kidgengar - Gengar - $8 + $3 for $11 total with shipping
finiee - Slowking - $7
Usagimakeup - $24

So some of them were pulled even though they were bid on, and I'm very sorry about that as I did originally forget about the original post, and I've been wondering really how to bring this up, so I just went with short and simple

Though one thing to people who had won some items previously, but some of the swingcharms I had auctioned off the first time were lost when I moved everything around here, mainly the Yanma one, so I only have one of them. So dialny and shuuichi_chan for now I will be withdrawing that Yanma swing and see if I can find the second one, or see what you two would want to do about it

As for the Arcanine and Ninetails swing charms, I do have doubles of those, and since they went for less this time than last time, I'm going to be reducing the ones that steelfangs and Lady_Avii originally bid on to match the values that usagimakeup got for this time (Which is Arcanine for $12, and Ninetails for $12)

So if anyone from the original posting would still like to get the ones they originally one last time, or if they would like to pass on them, either let me know here, or in a reply to a message I'll be sending those people soon after this

And again, I am sorry about the delay for this

If you won something, please post with your zipcode
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