Vap (vaporotem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I came in peace


Even though i've been watching this place for AGES, this is the first time i dare to post something...HECK, i allways tried to write something but i got nervous and cried in the corner. This is mostly thanks to ShinyVulpix from Deviantart who sent me the tutorials for this place ( how to make cuts and all )~ <3
So please excuse me for being a lil confused about this place and how things work ( sells, Yahoo!Japan, HTML codes and other stuff ). I will catch up somehow ;w;


Vap is the name, Vaporotem for long~
I've been a Pokemon fan ever since it came to my place in 1999 when i was 13 and i dont see an end to it ( im 22 now..daaamnnn )c:
I noticed that many people in here focus on some kind of pokemon and collect anything they can find about that poke, but i mostly just collect what ever i think looks cool/rare/ or i just love xD

My main collectings are Plushies and Pokemon Kids and after seen so many auctions of Kids lots in Yahho!J, i must learn how to use it >:[


Im very proud of my Marshtomp...

Most oldies ones. They made the old ones from a very uncomfy cloth back then D:

We all love KIDS!

The first collection i ever had of the Tomy figures~ 134 if i remember right...

They come in chocolate surprise eggs too now :0

I really love the big Tomy ones and i allways on the search for the others <3


Movies, Cards, Tazos... all kinds~ ( Damn i forgot my Gold and Yellow GB games.. )

Cherrim sleepers ppffffffffff

This balloon is AMAZINGLY still alive from 1999, when i went for to the first Pokemon movie in the cinema... GOD only knows how it survives..

I also used to collect cards LONGGG ago but when the third generation came out, i just gave up really xD; I got a huge box with all the not rare cards and most of the rare ones are hoolllooolol~
SO HECK let me show you my pokemonz~

Can see how i stop in Celebi... The Promo Mewtwo was the last card i got from my cousin~

AND THATS IT! Im a lil shy person when it comes to talk to people so please forgive me if i seems slow... sometimes i cant find the right words ;3;

...They should srsly make a Mawile plush.
Tags: collection, introductions
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