RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection uptade

Heeeeeeeello! ^-^.

I was missing things arriving, thanks to Pokemon Platinum I´m not bored xD today at last arrived two things, both from this community ^^.

First, from Sunyshore!.

These two big Pokekids(I love the Shaymin, ftw), and four adorable minicots! *-*. I love the Latias minicot, I hadn´t buy any from Latias long ago, it´s another pokemon I need spend time for!.
Well, thank you Gin! ^-^.

This other is from lineaalba Thank you so much! ^-^.

Adorable Hikari's gashapon >.< Is sooo tiny and cute!.

And finishing... I said long time ago that I´d stop collecting things of Skymin and Shaymin, because my collection is good and I didn´t like anymore... but they´re launching new merchandising and my collection grows! is frustrating! because i want to spend time to other pokemon I like and I can´t if they launch such adorable things! xD did you get like this?

EDIT: Sorry for the double posts, I have problems.
Tags: kids, latias, plusle, shaymin, skymin, torchic, typhlosion
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