Mr. Tsuchigumo (kittay752) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Mr. Tsuchigumo

Auctions and Sales Reminder!

Hello everyone! I thought I'd pop in and remind you guys that I have a few auctions for some rare VS. Cards going on at the moment. They end in about 24 hours, there is a countdown for your convenience. Please follow the link below to go to the auction page, there are also a few Psychic Type Promotion items for sale!
Auctions and Psychic Sales:
I've also got a ton of things still available in my Flats Sales.
Scan 102
And to anybody who previously bought from me your packages have been shipped out! (I sent Paypal notices to all of you as well.)
Thank you for taking a look and I apologize for such a short, boring post. XD
TTFN, Kittay752~
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