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Keshimon get and some Typhlosion wants

Hi guys :) Just a quick update this morning since my first ever parcel from Y!J just arrived! I ordered a little (series 2?) keshimon - although it was open, I didn't actually know what Pokemon was inside it. I seem to have a thing for blind bag/lucky bag items, so I was always going to buy this! Pictures under the cut....

Packaging and all! :D To be honest, I thought it was still sealed, but it was open on the right hand side, although the plastic is still attached.
2014-05-27 17.00.33

Wonder what Pokemon I'll get?
2014-05-27 17.01.35
Its a tiny silver Magikarp, yay! :D

So of course now I need to collect more Keshimon!

I'm sure that I'll do a collection update later on this afternoon now that pretty much all my parcels have arrived :D I'm working on updating my wants list, but in the mean time, I was wondering, are there any Pumpkaboo kids out yet?

Thanks for reading!~

Edited to add a couple of quick wants.

Is anyone selling a Typhlosion minicot or Thinkchip figure?

These are my 2 major wants right now, although I'm not completely sure what I'd expect to pay for them.
The minicot auctions I could find seem to have sold for under $10, not too sure about the thinkchips. BUT, please let me know if you have any for sale!

Lower priority want is one of the old soft back guide books for gold/silver/crystal - I got rid of mine when the pages fell out |D but I'd love to replace it. I'd prefer to buy this within the UK or Europe simply because of postage. but, if anyone at all has one, let me know!

And on top of that, I'm looking for custom Typhlosion items - preferably phone/ipad cases, pouches, DS game holders anything like that. My spend limit for anything like that is currently $20 excluding shipping.
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