Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

It's been awhile~

Hello community!

I've been out of the loop for quite some time, but I'm happy to be back! I'm so excited for the upcoming remakes ^^ and a warm hello to all new members, it's very nice to meet all of you!

I'm Amy and I've been a member since 2009, during my final year of university. My collection has always been pretty small since then - even now ^^; I like a great many of Pokemon Center merchandises, particularly Pokedolls, plushes, pouches, bags and the like. But I only buy things I really like! I'm very, very choosy xD

I have my collection arranged in certain shelf sections (it's very embarrassing to show you the whole cabinet!) This is where I house my Glaceon collection. The icicle keychain is the first merchandise I bought from this community; so to me it is very special :) Thanks to the lighting it's hard to tell the Kid figure is the Shiny Glaceon (I lack normal variant for proper comparison) I can't get over how adorable the Chespin Pokedoll is but poor fellow, he's so lonely!

This is my Pokedolls shelf. I have had many in the past but I sold quite a lot of them simply because I didn't have a proper display area. Both Tufty Pichu and Celebi PlushPlush had been past grails; I am very honoured to have them in my collection. To tell you the truth, MWT Tufty really scares me - I would be very happy with a used one, to be honest!

Where I house the larger size plushes. I love my Red Gyarados <3 He has faithfully stuck around since my final year at university. I love DX Pokedolls, but I just don't have enough room for too many!

This shelf has mostly Pokedoll merchandise and a couple of other goods. My favourite Pokedoll merchandise type is tins - they are so colourful and fun to look at. They can double as storage space too. I keep a folder of Pokedoll merchandise I came across from auction sites and peoples' collections. So my "virtual" collection is larger than actual merchandise collection xD There's just so many of Pokedoll merchandise out there! There are always something new to discover!

Hope you all enjoy my sharing~

Does anyone have this adorable sleeping Chespin for sale (or any other non-Tomy, small Chespin figures)? Interested buyer here, as long as you are willing to ship to Malaysia~

Tags: chespin, collection, pokedoll, wanted
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