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PokemonTrader:// Visit to Nintendo World - Collection Update!

This is an overdue post, considering that I went to Nintendo World approximately two weeks ago. I've just been busy with my job and lurking the internet that I haven't posted yet. My family and I went for a nice vacation to New York and of course when in New York... Go to Nintendo World! I always imagined it would be a bit larger, but it was still awesome to see nonetheless! :-)

Without further ado... PICTURES!

These were their life size plushies...

I picked up the Chespin third from the right to explain to my dad what they were... They then proceeded to start avalanching off the shelf. Luckily we "caught them all!" and carefully placed them all back.

In the corner next to the life size plushies were the TCG goodies. I agree with areica96 that the prices were a bit on the more expensive side... I was contemplating getting a booster box, but for over $100 I had second thoughts. So I passed. I still have yet to open a Flash Fire booster pack, but maybe it is because I opened so many Wild Blaze X__x

More random figures and plushies.

My first plushie tree! <3

There were 3 trees all together. I got 2 plushies from this tree! Any guesses as to which 2? :)

Pokeball figures...

Tomy figures. They were expensive... IIRC they were $5 each! O__O

I got 2 more plushies from this tree... You can see the hats in the horizon :)

AND they only had Chespin out of all three starters... No Bacon Bird either... Oh well I heard their stock changes quite rapidly! What threw me off is that Throh, Timburr and a lot of the B&W plushies are still around...

My haul

Here is my haul!

I already have a USA Tympole and I'm not the biggest fan of Chespin so I passed on those 2...

I'm really happy that they at least had both Kyurems :) It was a fun trip to New York and I can't wait to go back :) (not just for Nintendo World)

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