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Sales post and Auctions!


Note: All non bidding related comments have been logged and deleted! I was just getting too confusing to look at! Don't worry I saved all the comments, from now on, if their any questions, please reply to the journal post rather than post on the items themselves, thanks! ^^

I've finally put up my sales thread!


Also, I've decided I'd Auction off a few of my more rarer/more desired plush since otherwise they'd just be 
sitting in a box for the next couple years otherwise and I figured someone might enjoy them more than I.

The first two items on the Auction block are two very old terry cloth bean bag plush that I've had in my 
possession for over 7 years now! I remember them being released around the time of the second movie, 
and they've just been sitting on a shelf for the last 6 years or so. I haven't seen these plush online unfortunately, and trust me I've been looking, I used to have the Totodile from this set but my mother gave it away with much of my other belongings. Still avidly looking for said plush.

Note that the Chikorita IS missing one of the green embroidered bulbs, all be it I never noticed because her leaf was always covering it.  Also note that the dark parts are shadows, not dirt/stains! These were taken last night with a flash in a poorly lit room, I can take more pictures if requested.

Bidding on Mew starts at - $15

Bidding on Chikorita starts at - $12

Next up are these three from my personal collection!

The Lucario I /believe/ is a kids plush, I bought it back in 2005 and like the others, he's just been sitting around. Lucario isn't one of my big poke-loves so I know someone else would probably appreciate him much more than me. He has a few blackish marks on his String, but the plush itself is is in the same condition as when I pulled him from the box 3 years back.
The Azurill... the azurill I honestly don't remember where I got it from, Correction, its a Hasbro US plush. I've had it at least 4 years and it like the others has just been sitting around. It is insanely soft and seems to be made of the pokedoll soft fabric they use. 
The Flygon is of course the US produced plush that was sold for a short time in stores around here. The reason this one is going up is because I actually have two! This one is in far better condition than my other one, his only flaw seems to me a light smudge on his nose.  I have not tried to clean it yet as I'm afraid of trying to wash/clean the plush incase I find a way to make things worse lol. But it appears to just be a light dirt smudge. Again, just ask and I'll take more photos.

Lucario starts at - $10

Azurill starts at - $10

Flygon starts at - $10

Auction Policies - 

Paypal only!
Reply to the last bidder so they know they've been outbid!
When you bid, you agree to pay that amount at the end of the auction should you win
Shipping is /Not/ included. Note that I am a US seller.
Auction ends 6pm Pacific Time Tuesday!

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