miniterasu (miniterasu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bootleg or very used plush?

I ordered a Canvas Riolu plush from the eBay seller videogameforless. I believe they sell legit items right? Well I got this poor Riolu in the mail last Friday and I was really chocked at what I got... :/

Riolu was describe as "NEW 5" Riolu 2010 Pokemon Center Stuffed Canvas Plush Doll" but this is what I got:

Riolu 2
Riolu 3
Riolu 4
Riolu 5
The plush itself doesn't look too bad, but look at the tag ><

Riolu 6
What is this!? D:
There was a price sticker on the tag >< I removed it and you can see where it was :/ ... This is clearly not a "new" plush...
Riolu 7
The back of the tag is so dirty :(

I really don't know what to do :( is my used Riolu at least legit?
I tried to contact the seller, but still no reply (and I don't think I will ever get one...) what should I do? Open a case with Paypal?
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