vulpeslagopus (vulpeslagopus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Sales + Pika3DS wanted

Howdy~ Just an update, I've reorganized my sales and added a few things, so hopefully it works better to find items. Link here:

Also, I have another weird want:

 photo 20140601_114251_zpsbj7olxpx.jpg
These little white 'rubber feet'- would anyone be willing to sell the pair to me? They're the ones that cover the screws on the top half of the system and I can't find them anywhere else without spending a lot (as in buying a broken system for them). As long as they're white, i don't mind what 3ds xl they come from.

PS: Once again, if anything in this post goes against comm rules, let me know and I'll delete it. I feel like video game systems featuring Pokemon is a grey area.

EDIT: Have a cute: tumblr_n46w6tXxrI1rkc130o1_500
Tags: pikachu, sales
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