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Summer Moving Sales!

Hello fellow collectors! I'm moving to Pennsylvania for the summer and figured I'd do some summer cleaning before the big day. Up for sale are rare MIP Pokedoll charms, plush, figures, and many more miscellaneous items. Check it out!
Sales Information
- All pkmncollectors rules apply! Haggling is permitted!
- Sales permission granted by denkimouse March 2011. My community feedback is located here.
- I will accept trades for things on my wishlist. If you do not have anything on the wishlist, feel free to link me to your sales.
- First person to commit to an item has preference over those asking for a quote.
- I only accept Paypal. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving your total or the items will be offered to the next person.
- Minimum purchase amount is $3 for packages. [No minimum purchase for small flats.]
- No holds!!! I'll be moving soon and don't have time for holds!
- Please ask about item condition if you are concerned before committing to buy. All items are sold as is.
------ Open an image in a new tab for a bigger picture.
About Shipping
- I will ship from West Virginia (United States) within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.
- Please ask for tracking and/or insurance if you need it. I will not give refunds for lost packages.
- Please specify any special shipping instructions or requests you may have before I give you a total so I can help protect your package.
- PLEASE do not waste my time and ask for a shipping quote if you are not genuinely interested in purchasing. Thanks!
------Shipping for flats starts at $1.00 US, $1.50 international, plus paypal fees.
------Shipping for 3D items starts at $2.50 US, $6.50 international, plus paypal fees.

Incredibly rare 2003 Pokedoll Charms, MIP - Offers start at $50 for the set

You may offer less than $50 but I may not sell them at your offer- will definitely sell for $50.
Offers end when interest dies down.

Pan Stickers:
Left two columns (Grovyle, Shiftry, Weepinbell, Combusken, Raticate): .25 cents each - background pieces are dirty
Everything else: $.75 cents

Marill Collection Weeding
Large talking Marill (needs batteries) - $1
Marill TFG - (belly is dirty) - $2
Marill TOMY figures - $1
Marill keychain - beautiful condition - $2
Small Marill straps - $1
Marill charm - $1
Custom shiny Marill figure - $1
Custom Marill figure with box - $1
Azumarill and Marill dex figures - $1.50
Marill blue dice - $1
Marill minicot (mint) - $3
Clear Marill kids - $2
Large Marill bank - $3
Marill in-case figure - $2

Darkrai collection weeding!
Large Darkrai poseable figure - $5 SOLD
Red Darkrai Pencil - $1
Darkrai candy catcher (yellow) - $3
DX Darkrai kids (on the left) - $2.50 each
Darkrai bottlecaps (yellow and blue) - $1 SOLD
Darkrai megablock - $2
Darkrai keychain watch - $1 SOLD
Darkrai w/ white clouds figure - $1 SOLD
Other large Darkrai figures (on the right) -$1 each

All Darkrai figures - $1 - please order by number and letter
SOLD: A2, D1

(open picture in new tab to make it bigger)

All Darkrai figures - $1 - please order by number and letter
(open picture in new tab to make it bigger)
SOLD: G1, G4

Velboa Charmander JP 2003 Pokedoll  - $35 OBO
Chikorita pokedoll figure - $10
Tepig and Minccino Pokedoll pins (come with the box) - $5 MINCCINO SOLD
Pokedoll stamp tote bag - (hang tag detached) - $30 obo

Battrios - $1 each
Entei - .50 cents (has scratch marks)
TCG coins - .50 cents

SOLD: Entei, Venusaur

Tomy Trainer figures - $3 each
Figures - $1 each
SOLD: Jessie, James

All figures - $1.50 each
SOLD - Grumpig, Regice, Spoink

Minicots - $3 each
(ones in bags are MIP)

SOLD: Psyduck MIP, Meowth, Venusaur

Pokeball figures - .25 cents each

Block Pikachu figure (posable) - $3
Bootie Marill necklace - free
Pencils - $.25 cents
Everything else - $1

Shaymin and Plusle stamps - $2
Everything else - .50 cents

SOLD: Groudon, Kyogre, Metagross

Dusk ball keychain - .25 cents
Electronic pokeballs that open up - $2 each
Light up ultra ball - $1 (it shows a Cresselia picture when lit up - you can kinda see it in the second picture but its a bit too bright out to show off properly!)

Everything - .50 cents

SOLD: Tall Darkrai/Cresselia flat, both shiny Darkrai stickers

Cubchoo pokedoll stickers - $3
Darkrai movie card ( front and back pictured) - $.50 cents ONE SOLD
Yellow Pikachu sticker) - $1
Victini/Pika/Snivy postcard - $1 SOLD
Pokemon Cafe postcard -  $1

Topps Card lot - $10 OBO

Large bootie Marill - $5
Tomy Talking Marills (work, just need batteries!) - $10
Marill bath buddy (has the ring around it to hang bath towels off of it) - $5
Jakks Marill - $3 SOLD
Dark blue Marill - $5

Talking Monferno plushies (have batteries and work great!) - $5
Everything else - $2.50

SOLD: Grotle, Celebi, Meloetta

Lying down Pikachu beanie - MWT - $10 SOLD
All other plush - $2.50

SOLD: Mesprit, MWT lying Pika, Zubat

Electronic games (Lucario and Stadium)- $3
Darkrai puzzle (never opened) - $2

SOLD: Lucario game

Pikachu bandana - brand new, only opened to take a picture - $3

Onemuri Sleeping Pikachu clearfile - $5
Angry Marill poster - Free!
Pikachu/Piplup notebook (on the left) and pencil board (on the right) - $3 each ---- front and back shown

Giratina/ Shaymin movie magazine - $2
Jumbo TCG - $1
Substitute plush MWT - $35 obo

Freebies! Just pay shipping

Participants of the Pokepalooza GA may combine any items in these sales with payment 2 (shipping to you) of the GA. It is expected to arrive at my house on Monday or Tuesday!

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