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New gets + help identifying a plush?

I told myself I would tone down my collecting, since I had spent so much and had so many custom plush commissions in progress, but, yeah, no, that didn't happen.

A few weeks ago, I had commissioned a custom amigurumi Furret from GeekyCuteCrochet on Etsy. Juilette finished my little guy this week and sent me these adorable photos!

It just arrived in the mail yesterday, along with my Furret charm that I bought from polahbear!

And as I stated in my last post, my ILM Buizel plush was the start of my dabbling in collecting Buizel. And so with that, I had also ended up buying a TOMY laying Buizel plush from tryndamere! A welcome addition to my itty bitty Buizel collection :3

And then in my search for more Buizel plushies (especially the pokedoll), I came across one of sorjei's old sales post with a Buizel plush for sale for only $5! I immediately scooped it up for my own pleasure. The cutie patootie also arrived yesterday!

I need to get a move on in finishing my room so I can build a display for all of my collections @_@ I am running out of space!

In reference to my last plush get, could someone help me identify what plush it is?

I've been comparing it to photos on the Pokemon Plush Project, and I think I have it narrowed down to the Banpresto UFO or the Banpresto Darkrai Movie plush?

Here are some additional shots, as well as some pictures of the tush tag:

If someone who knows their Buizel plushies could come in and help me out, that would be fantastic and much appreciated :D

 Anyway, thanks for reading! And I've got some huge grail gets coming soon - I can't wait to share them! ;D
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