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Trading Post and Wants!

Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Today, I would like to put a huge variety of items up for trade. This includes magikarp items, yanma items, unique styles of keychains, and many rumble U figures.

More images below the cut!

Firstly, Pokemon Rumble U Figures!
I should note that the last three at the end there have broken bases. I do not know if they match their bases. I can verify that the Shiny Eevee has its proper base. (I`m so sad that one broke!)
Ekans/Yanma Lots

Vullaby/Mandibuzz Lot
I can trade these as lots or individually. c:
I really like this thing, so it may be hard to let it go. It is a `Search for the Red Gyarados` handkerchief from the Pokemon Center promotion for Red Gyarados quite a few years back.

Misc.  (Clear Natu is unavailable!)
If you need better pictures of the keychains (I know they came out kinda bad D:) I would be happy to provide them for you. Some of these are pretty unique, I think: The chansey bell plush is cool, and the volbeat light up keychain is particularly neat. Sadly, the Mewtwo no longer makes noise, but makes an eerie staticy sound instead.

Aannd a variety of flats wraps up all the stuff I`m putting up for trade, and what I will be putting up in a lot in a few days.

My wants post is here. This is everything that I would like to trade for at the moment!

If you don`t have something I want to trade for, fear not! I do not expect everything to be traded away, so do keep in mind that in a few days everything will go on Ebay as a lot.

Also in a few days I will do a feature of my collection, since for the first time since I started collecting I am now able to actualy display all of it! Hooray!

Thanks for reading, all!
Tags: ekans, gyarados, magikarp, mandibuzz, onix, pikachu, skarmory, vullaby, yanma
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