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Big gets,stamps for sale & trade with me!

Hello everybody ~ this saturday I finally got packages from the comm and from ebay, on which I worried that they never will arrive, because of problems with the postman who put packages on the floor for my door or under the mailbox(!!) where everybody could steal them!! So I worried because of the long shipping time, thought I will never get them -.-"
But then this saturday I got in my mailbox 2 packages. And a bigger package from the postoffice!


Yay! It was my pokemon stampsheets, for I wait a long time! I cut them off to separate each! So I have a cool collection of bugtype stamps now ~ and the others are up for sale or trade! Also some other cool stuff I have for trade!

Here are the stamp sheets I got from the comm - theyre all 1. and 2. gen pokemon and very beautiful old artworks!!♥ Also 3 cute pokemon figures!

I separate the stamps and have a great bug-stamp collection now! I really want to expand them.

And here have my new dragons their place! Yes I don't collect dragons, but these two are one of my favourites from the 3. generation and I also love their colors. :D The praying latias looks awesome and cute! So I really like them as a small side collection to remember on the 3. gen. (the premierball was also my favourite haha)

Under them is my favourite figure the big oddish with some other oddishs&friends.

Not to forget these two pika&raichu figures I also got for a few days with some other stuff together! One of my favourite figures now.

As I like raichu and mouses in generel, I began to start a "chu-collection"! (but I never planned that o.o" ~ so thats a littlebit creepy x,D)

A cute pic of dedenne in the light-house! (Since this was a place for ampharos in gold&silver, I also made it for my small electromouse collection. Its a nice decoration!)

Here is so much cool stuff from a such great ebayseller ♡ the cards I got as an extra! Many of these things I will offer
to trade!

THIS bulbasaur will be totally mine! I love this keychain, he has such a cute face!


So that was all :)



- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
I ship from germany worldwide!
- Paypal only
- I'm super-open for trades




1 stamp = 0,70$
Buy 3 or more: 0,50$ each


If you want to buy a bunch, I will give you a discount!


Shipping costs worldwide: 1$ per purchase
So here we go!


poison/dark/ghost typ:

grass type:

bug type:

ground/rock/fight/steel type:

fire type:

water/ice type:

electric type:

psychic type:

normal type:

The following things are all up for TRADES! I'm mostly searching for the bug-pokemon I collect: heracross, caterpie line, ledyba. But I'm also open for any other stuff. Would be cool to see what you have!

These swing pair keychains maybe for a good trade:

Thanks for looking all & have a nice week!

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