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Zukan Collection Post Huzzah!! Now with my entire collection!

Okay...so....after hours of working with a crappy camera, I managed to get pictures of my zukan collection! However, since there's so many pictures, and they're all kinda big....I'm only posting my favorite sets out of my collection. I'll probably post an entry in my journalpagethingymajig with all the pics later if anyone wants to see all of them. But anyways....onto the collection! I apologize for the crappyness of the pics as well as the crappy setup of the figures for the picture. My camera sucks batteries like crazy, even when its off, and due to my zukan expenses....I really don't have the cash to buy more batteries so yeah! These are the best I could get. Hope they don't make your eyes bleed~

...Oh...and if I did something wrong in this post, somebody please mention it so I can fix.

EDIT: ....Yanno what? I'm gonna post all my zukan pics here....because....well...why the heck not? I spent forever takin them pics man!

The first picture is of one of the most awesome zukan out thar (imo at least) WAILORD! Its so ridiculously big compared to all the other zukan! Wailord's just awesome! I calls him Mr. Whales cause I'm totally creative!!

Next.....is the deoxys movie set! I really, really like this set for one huge reason.... This set was my first zukan ever. Its what got me into them. I remember how awesome they were once I opened the box. And after that moment....I wanted more...and more....and MORE! Like some zukan hungry vampire! Also.......defense deoxys is very unlucky....I've broken him twice....on accident.....I'm not out to murder him or anything! I swear!

And next.....is special set 3! This was my second set of zukan, so again, its very special to me. Plus, all the pokemon in this set are awesome! Although....honestly...there really isn't any pokemon out there I don't like, so.....pretty much every zukan set is awesome imo! : D;

And next....is RSE set 8! I love this set for one huge reason. And its name is Regice. Its just so awesome looking.... It definitely beats the lucario movie set regice zukan. The clear blue body and base are just so great. Its that one zukan that you can pick out RIGHT away no matter what. Even if its on a table with 50 other zukan, you can still pick it out right away cause of its coloring. If only this picture did Regice justice....sadly, it does not.

And next....DP08! Origin Giratina, Mammoswine, Shaymin, Skymin, Shieldon, Gliscor....could this set BE better? Although....it really seems like gliscor's bottom half is too small...or is that just me? Does anyone else think its too small? Regardless, its still awesome....it just has a tinybutt.

Ok...I'll do pictures of two more sets...then I'll stop wasting all of you people's time. Hmm...which sets....Oh! I know!

RSE set 2! This set was a birthday gift! Thus...well....it was a gift. Means I didn't have to pay for it! One thing I noticed about this set....is that jirachi's base does not like to stay together! Another thing I noticed is that the first two sets seem to have a thing for sitting mammals. Poochyena, mightyena, delcatty, zigzagoon, linoone....I think I see a pattern here! Ohoh! And also! Look how tiny roselia is! Its so small! Its like...a little tiny plantthing! Its funny to put it next to wailord just to see the massive size difference!

And now for the last set....well...its not really a set, but eh. Its cool anyways. May I present, Lugia and Ho-oh!

Unlike wailord, they lack extremely creative names. But someday, they will get names....I SWEAR IT! THEY WILL GET NAMES SOMEDAY! Until then....they'll just be Largebird #1 and Largebird #2! Or maybe Red Bird and Notred Bird.... The placeholder name possibilities are endless I tell you! But uh....that's it! These are my collection favorites. There's a lot more...but they aren't cool enough to get their pictures posted. .....Okay....their cool....but they still don't get posted!

....and here's all my others! Huzzah!

The Fire Red / Leaf Green set! Bulba looks like he has nose drippinz.

The Lucario Move set

RS set 1. Groudon likes to fall to pieces alot... He was apparently loved a lot in his former home....

RS set 3. This set is honestly my least favorite. Not sure why, cause the pokemon in it are great, but...it just is.

RS set 4. Crawdaunt's so cute~

RS set 5

RS set 6

RS Set 7

RS set 9

Greenstands set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6



DP03. The eevees is pwn.


DP05. Missing sandy cloak wormadam and burmy....but not for long. They're in the mail and on the way to mah house. Sandy cloak wormadam is my favorite madam.



And that's all of them! I swear!

The end!
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