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Airkids and Mew and some more auctions owo/

Finally gathered time to start an auction!
Many Mew stuff (some are for straight sales as well!) and other random sorta popular Pokemon stuff~ Also have two "air kid" that I have no idea where to find info about @u@

Auction ends at Thursday/5th of June at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time! It's around Thursday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. Countdown here! (The old embed one I used isn't working anymore ;n;)

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

-No backing out bids please!
-Snipping is defined as bidding at the last 5 minutes before the countdown ends. An extension of 5 minutes will be given if this happens.
-Shipping and paypal fees are not included. Shipping is from Hong Kong, and starts at around $2-3 (depends on weight) for all around the world (unless you live in South East Asia ;3)
-Free tracking will be provided if the ending price exceed $50, just in case~ (Tracking is +$2 after shipping and fees.)

Lugia and Lucario inflated toys! They call these "Air kids" on the package, but I got no results upon searching that @u@\
They are around 27/28 cm after being inflated, as shown on the package. I was thinking about keeping these myself, but they seems to be a bit too big for my crowded room already ;w;
Each starting at $10!

Okay onto the Mew stuff! Please keep in mind that all of the following stuff are used~

Poseable Mew figures! Starts @ $3 each!

These two are Mew keychain pieces! The left one starts @ $1, and the right one starts @ $3!
I mistaken the right one as some of Tomy kids when I brought it, until I notice that tiny hole on top of its head |D The painting quality is pretty nice for a keychain! It also comes with some paint loss though, see the close ups below:

Mew wooden keychain, Tiny smiling Mew: starts @ $2!
Mew figure piece with a hole on the bottom is for straight sales at $1.5!

Mew kids are for straight sales at $2.5 each!

Onto the Eevees~

Standing Jolteon Full Color Stadium figure : Starts @ $5
(has a black marker marking on the bottom, see below)
Tiny Eevee keychain piece: Starts @ $2
Eevee clipping figure: Starts @ $5

More close ups:

Arcanine goods!
Normal Arcanine kid: Starts @ $3
Clear Arcanine kid: Starts @ $5
Clear Arcanine Full Color Stadium Figure/ FCS piece (without the blast shooting piece): Starts @ $3

And as always, if you're bidding on the items, feel free to combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
Added Sylveon strap and starter zukans and lowered some prices ;3

Tags: arcanine, auction, eevee, jolteon, lucario, lugia, mew, sales, sylveon, zukan
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