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Birthday gets/discussion post!!

Hello comm! I kept my promise to not post till now and will continue to make sure I don't over post ^^ anyways I got some amazing birthday gets do please check it out!!

First off, I would like to say thank you to pkmnexcavation for the birthday card and Persian cards she sent, I made a quick video bc pictures alone just wouldn't do justice! I have a slightly southern accent so bear with me, this is my first and most likely last video so enjoy~

I soooo leik that mudkip!
My cat may look mad but she's not, its bc she was out all night and her eyes Wernt used to the light XP she looks like a female espurr XD I sooooo love these Persian cards ;w; some may ask, "geez classypersian why do you love Persian so much?" Well theres actually a story behind it!  When I was 9 I had this beautiful Siamese cat, who I named Persian bc she looked a lot like a Persian, and being the pokemon nerd I was still am I thought it would be so cool to have a "real" pokemon.  She was such a sweet kitten, always purring and wanting attention, it was a dream cat to own! Well unfortunately, my neighbor accidentally hit her with his car, he really felt horrible, my mom told me he had tears in his eyes when I was old enough to understand.  Sadly, he died a few years later from cancer, so I never got to tell him in person that I forgave him, not that I said anything mean to him or anything!  anyway, even though the time I had with her was short, she was one of the best cats I have ever had, so this is my way to pay tribute to her bc after all this time I still miss her :( so there you go ^^ now that that's aside, let's get to the rest of my presents!!!

Well, well..... What could possibly be in here?
Magikarp dives in!
Its a latios pokedoll \(^o^)/ after watching the 5th movie I needed something latios, the friggin ending whyyyyy????
Next package!! Meowth and wobuffet, I have a feeling you may want to see who I got :3
That's right!! A Jessie kyun chara figure, it's so badass >w< Jessie is just awesome!! She taught me to never give up! I need to get the James one for rocketshipping purposes
And finally, one of my bestest friends gave me this banpresto torchic at my birthday gathering, he knows I love my chickens so torchic just seemed fitting ^^ it looks like the pokedoll one so I'm very happy!!

I would also like to thank jessyistired, mikaelisawesome, areica96 and fluna_daiyunel for take the time to pm me to send their birthday wishes, it put a tear to my eye :')

oh yes, I'm sure most of y'all have realized I have a new userpic! Me and fluna_daiyunel teamed up to make it, I drew it out and she colored it! She did an amazing job I'm so happy ^^ I consider it a bday gift so thanks again girl :)

image image

The last for my gets post, I got to meet up with gleameyesluxray to buy a DX espeon plush ^.^ I had such a fun afternoon!! Thanks again!!

Sorry for my messy side bangs, they are growing out and desperately need trimming >< I shoulda brought a brush haha!!

Espeon can predict the weather right? Please tell me when we will get sunny days so I can go fishing with my dad >3<

Family photos with my two kitties nya!!

Today is June 1st so you know what that means? Hurricane season starts today :0 even though my house survived Katrina, I still get very nervous with storms, especially with my merch on the line, so my discussion topic is: are you prepared to save your merch if you have to leave? For me, I plan on packing what I can in a suitcase, and what I can't in a tote bag.  What are your thoughts? If I stay and things get bad, I plan to put
them in something waterproof and holding on to it... My house hasn't flooded before but you never know! Thinking ahead is important!
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