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Auction Reminder | DX Arceus Pokedoll Sale | Paris Vivillon Cloning

A reminder that my auctions for two legendary plushies end in about 15 hours! No bids have been made yet. These are pretty hard to come by, especially that Heartland Dialga with both tags! So get your bids in before they're gone!

Please click any image to be transported to the auctions.

There is also the extremely rare Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll still up for sale.

Please click the above image to be transported to the sale.

--- Pokemon Center Paris Vivillon Event Cloning ---

Also, I read chromapika's recent post regarding cloning the event Vivillon. To clear things up, my original intention was to just make one clone of it for myself as cloning with 6th Gen games can be harder than cloning with previous gens. But after further consideration, I may open up some slots for cloning. I'm not so sure yet what kind of commission to ask for this, but I will not be asking for money (unless you're feeling generous).

I would send my own game, but I like my events to be in the language that they are meant to be received in - like French for the Poke Ball pattern Vivillon and either English, Italian, or German for the VGC Shiny Mamoswine.

If you are interested in getting a cloned Vivillon, let me know so I can get an idea of how many people here want this.
Tags: arceus, auction, dialga, kyurem, sales
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