Nicole (viaticvenusaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re-intro & Play-by-Play Questions

Hello! I took a hiatus from this community for the past 8 months-ish, so I figure I would reintroduce myself. My name is Nicole, am almost 21 years old, will be entering graduate school in the fall for a MS in Art Therapy, and I presently live in Florida. Pokemon Red version was the first video game I ever owned and the reason I asked my parents for a Game Boy Color (I had originally fallen in love with the television series/Pokemon toys). Pokemon has been a constant part of my life since that time. Because I still have all of my Pokemon toys from childhood, I technically started my collection back in the days of Hasbro plush and Tomy figures (especially my Bulbasaur collection), but I did not officially start "collecting" until early 2013 when I decided to actually join this community, as opposed to just staring at all of the pretty things. :)

As far as collecting Pokemon goes, I am primarily a plush collector. I have tried to minimize my collections to specific Pokemon/their lines, so for all intents and purposes I collect: Bulbasaur line, Oddish line, Victini, Eevee, Oshawott line, Scraggy line, Fennekin line, Helioptile line, and Dedenne with some side collections here and there. However, the Bulbasaur line, specifically Bulbasaur him/herself, is my *Main Collection* and takes priority. This is actually the reason for this post!

I am not the "I need every single piece of merchandise ever" type of collector, but I am interested in purchasing a wide variety of the Bulbasaur Play-by-Plays. What sizes of Play-by-Play Bulbasaurs are there? (I have done many searches on this matter, but generally either the size information lacks pictures or the pictures lack size information. What sizes do you all own? Could you maybe link me to pictures/provide measurements?

Anyway, here are the four Play-by-Plays I own (with a Bulbasaur pokedoll for size reference). Please click the picture for a larger one.

QuickShot 2014.05.28 at 15.27.13

Thank you for your help. I plan to actually get my collection site up and running at some point during this summer!

Tags: bulbasaur, plush
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