Fayh (xsylveonx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants Post

I am looking to buy one or two items of my wish list since I just received my tax return. XD
I know I won't be able to afford all of it at once, but I hope someone has at least a few items for sale

Bootleg Ampharos. Yes, I know it's a bootie but I find it very cute.
If someone accidentally bought it, I'd love to take it off your hands.
Not going to buy any off ebay, though, because I only want to get one that has already been bought anyway.

Banpresto Ampharos 5 inch


Kyogre Pokédoll

Giratina Origin Form Pokédoll

Chespin Pokédoll (For less than 28$ shipped, as that is the Sunyshore price MWT)

If there are more than one version (US or Japanese Pokédolls), I don't care too much about which one it is.
I would like the plush to be in very good condition but since it is cheaper, I don't insist on hang tags. Tush tags are fine, since these are for keeps anyway.

Shipping would be to Germany c:
Photos are randomly taken from google images. If one of this is your and you would not like me to use it, please let me know.

Edit: The cut just turned all my photos into code... so I removed it. Please forgive me for posting these photos wihout a cut :<
Tags: ampharos, giratina, kyogre, wanted
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