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Mega Collection update!

Hi everyone :) Time for a little collection update since the last time I showed you, I only had a Jakks Pacific Minccino and the talking Oshawott :p

Quick preview of what I've added :D

Firstly, there's my gorgeous Raikou Pokedoll from neeko48 and my pokewalker from nerd

So, top shelf is still a little sparse, but still! In the middle is my Jolteon kyun chara from white_chocobo, and on the front is my current zukan collection - bidoof, chikorita, swinub and misdreavus lines :)

And THEN. Well, there's part of my card collection at the back - the Xerneas tin with my booster pack gets, and then the Slyveon/Noivern XY trainer kit on the right.

In front of that there's one of the old (1995?) Pokemon pocket (I think?) playsets. This one is the Pokemon centre one and has Charmander and Eevee with it.
To the left of that is my Eevee's lollipop Vaporeon charm and custom Vaporeon sticker bishoujohenshin and to the right of that are my pan stickers from pegasus2010 and my huge assortment of stickers from mitchichen! Fiiiinally, in the  middle are my amazing Typhlosion and Vaporeon bookmarks that agui_chan made for me :D

I've also got the amazing perler sprites that latias_latios_7 made for me, but I took the pics before they arrived, so they get their own post :p
And last thing is just my wants again, as usual I'm looking for the Typhlosion think chip figure and minicott as well as any Quilava or Typhlosion kids :D

Top priority is the Typhlosion thinkchip+ figure. This is the closest thing I have to a grail right now, so if you're selling one, PLEASE let me know :D

Typhlosion minicot.

Lower priorities include any of the typhlosion or quilava kids

Sorry for the absolutely huge post, but I think an update was overdue :p

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