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New Pokemon to collect+item!

Hi everyone, I am getting ready to show off my current collection soon(next Sunday) but I am wondering if anyone has the following item. I have decided electivire is still my number one Pokemon but for the time being because he has not much mechandise for sale over ebay etc I will collect someone else. However if I ever see an electivire item on here all ebay I will still try to get it!

I was wondering if anyone had this licklicky item(I will try to collect Lickilicky now)!

I believe that it may be the lickilicky clipping figure. Does anyone have it?

Also one more thing, does anyone know what this item is. http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/m1toys/1145234-1.html, sorry I couldnt show a picture, it didnt work!

Please help and Cya,

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