TatsumiKurosaki (tatsumikurosaki) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Super Fluffy Grail Gets

Eeeee!!!! I'm so happy, Last week I got two of my most wanted ever grails! I can't even fully express how happy I am, It made my day when I got them. It's been a not so goodweek for me so Thank you to the two wonderful people I bought these from, It really cheered me up<3. Along with my fluffy grails I got a few other things for a few "side" collections of mine. On to the pictures!

They're so cute and soft! I've wanted these for a while but i kept losing bids for them and to finally have my collection almost complete is a great feeling.



And everything together. I pland on having Vivillon, Fletchlings line and Dedenne as side collections, but they're turning into mini main collections..


Thanks for looking~

Tags: absol, dedenne, flareon, plush
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