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overdue mega gets post

Okay so here is the most image heavy update prolly ever. D:

4/11 I got married! We were able to have a
Pokemon themed reception which I was pretty happy about.
I'll include more on that under this cut~

((Please skip this entire next cut if you just wanna see my collection! It's in the second cut! :D
And please let me know if this type of update is not allowed! I'm totally fine with taking it down,
I just know some people were interested in a possible pokemon themed wedding. :) ))

PumpkabooPokeball VanilliteCupcakes
I ended up baking a lot before the reception.
My friends and I made lots of Pokemon themed desserts and cards.
(We had a cake/dessert reception, no real foods were served ;0; )

Gengar and Clefable line charms were given out as favors

I made a bound "GuestDex" with all 719
(included up to Diancie) Pokemon that guests could sign in under.

We used Drifloon in a birdcage as a card holder.
I'm planning on selling a lot of the pokemon merch we used decorations soon c:

So this is the wedding cake (super tiny). Gengar and Clefable kids are the toppers.
We went with the Gengar/Clefable theme for the central decorations
and then other pokemon for random smaller things.

We were then able to move into an apartment together and so
I'd been waiting until we moved to do a gets update.
I still have several boxes to unpack,
but I know I'm just missing some cards I bought
so these pictures are pretty current/accurate. n_n

More under the cut!

My old Darkrai collection. I don't think I added much to it.
I don't really buy much of Darkrai at all... even though I adore him!

I added a little Garbodor domino and I think the dot sprite charm.
Not sure if I already did an updated gets with that D:
Anyway, I need that post with how to display flats better because this is painful.

I ordered this super cute shiny Phantump plush from vulpes_canis.
I love that cute sad face!!

I've been working on making more charms as well,
I made myself a shiny Phantump for my DS.
I will offer custom keychains for commission on here in the future! n-n

Phantump collection- I really love Shiny Phantump.
I named my IG Phantump Yggdrasil.
This collection mostly started after I played with it in Amie *A*
Perlers by latias_latios_7 and also remderosier

Here's a closer up image of some of the phantump stuff.
Only 3 official items ahh. All the rest are lovely customs.

I commissioned the shiny phantump from a girl I found on dA.
I told her about the community but I don't think she joined yet.
She does amazing Pokemon plushies and the
Phantumps are both 1:1 scale which is awesome :D

Pumpkaboo/ Gourgeist collection~ I was happy to finally nab a MPC and DX.
Looking for the clearfile still.
The custom pouch is made by herar and the custom Gourgeist is made by glacidea.
The shiny Pumpkaboo was made by my mother in law for a homewarming gift.
She is incredible!

Here are two other customs my mother in law made for my husband.

Froslass items I started hoarding as a birthday gift for my husband.

Randy's (F) Meowstic only hoard.
He's missing a couple things including the charm set and a couple keychains I think.
I can't get over how ridiculously cute the pokedoll is though.

Lastly we threw a bunch of the random stuff on a shelf.
I know for certain the Mew, Umbreon, and spiritomb pokedolls are bootlegs.
I had bought them before I got into collecting and maybe someday I will get unlazy enough to buy legit items.

Thanks for stoppin' c:
Tags: froslass, garbodor, gastly, gengar, pumpkaboo
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