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Natural Harmonia Gropius

Huge Birthday collection update

Hiya collectors! I don't know where to start with this. My collection has grown so much since my first collection post and I thought this was long overdue. It was also my Birthday a week back and I was finally able to order some plushies online (milestone for me).

Anyways, here was my collection 9 months ago.
(you can read all about it over here: )

Firstly, my first ever imported plushies.

Megas! Mega absol is one of my most favourite Pokemon ever. And the Kanto's are just below him. Yveltal was also my first EVER pokedoll. I would be on a rampage describing these 5 but I got them over 3 weeks ago, and the hype sort of died down. Nonetheless, they're still beautiful.

Next up, my collection as it stands right now.
It's pretty much doubled wouldn't you say?  It's a little hard to see each section so i've broken them down.

Before, this supported my ENTIRE collection. It was pretty small. Now, it only has figures... and a ton of them at that. I might have to get a new one when the Kalos Starter 3-Packs come out :/
The Vinyl tomies are a little cut off at the top. And if you can't tell, theres Reshiram, Zekrom, White Kyurem, Black Kyurem, Xerneas, Yveltal, two TCG Yveltal figures, and the Yveltal Plamo. In case you're wondering, I started a tiny Yveltal collection! (as if it wasn't obvious)
Probably one of the best contenders for the smallest Yveltal collection ever. I might get the Pokecen plush. It's popped up on hobby_japan. I actually preferred Xerneas over Yveltal, but I guess opinions change huh?

Moving on, here is my plush area right above my wardrobe.
Before, I had a tiny, plush collection consisting of 7 Jakks.

Now it's pretty much tripled. I might get a new display for these guys as they're getting crammed. Poor Froakie and Pansage.

Lastly, and probably the most boring part, is where I cram all of my boxes and cards.
Before I started collecting Yveltal, I displayed 8 bootleg eevees (no sylveon) and that Kyogre. I've stopped buying bootlegs all together now. Theres really not that much to say other than that.

One more thing I wanna show you guys, are my Perlers! Firstly, right beside my bed i've made a ton of icon sprites. I'm planning on filling my entire room with them, and I would start now, but black beads are sold out until June 27th D: .

Next, some larger ones I've made. I used to have a Charmander, but I sold it to a friend.
I also made an Eevee, Snivy, and Raikou which you can see in one of the pictures above.

And finally, the one i'm most proud of. Praise Lord Arceus!
I worked on this together with a friend, and it looks pretty awesome. It was a pain in the ass to iron, but I think it turned out well.

That's my entire collection... for now... Thanks for reading guys <3 See you all later.
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