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multi-purpose post. ;3 [ gets, trades!, and figure identification help!]

Hello everyone! :D:D:D

Before I move on to anything, I wanted to say thanks to all the people who helped me in finding a gift for my friend! I found something perfect, so I'm sure she'll love it!


Simple and sweet!

First off, I have a few gets I want to show off! :D

HOORAY! Here is my Shinx/Luxray collectio so far. I've managed to achieve the DX Luxray plush. BUT! He was missing his red nose! :c So I made one for him. <3 He looks handsome! :D <3

And, this Buizel Pokedoll I got from nightmare_chan2. Thank you so much! He's flipping adorable. I'm in love! XD


Next, I still have a few plush up for sale, from my last trades post. Unfortunately, none of the trades were successful.. :( so let's make something happen! :D

Sorry for the sideways pictures in advance. ^^;

This is a Giant Piplup, made of a shimmery fabric! Tush tag intact!

This is a shiny fabric Happiny plush! She's MWTs! :D

And finally, this super duuuuper cute Shinx! Same shimmery fabric, with tush tag. She's so cute! :D I already have one, so I'm gonna part with my extra!

I've UPDATED my wants post, along with new Pokemon that I'm turning into my main collection.. I've absolutely fallen in love with Shinx and Luxray, as well as Absol and MegaAbsol. YAYAYAY! Moar money spending! XD

That being said, I've updated my wants list majorly. Please take a look! :3 Any and all help is SUPER appreciated.

^ Click the banner to be transported! ^


Lastly, I need some figure identification help..

They're fuzzy, fit in the palm of your hand, but they're not banks.. Anyone know? There are some markings on the back of them..

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