classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First ever trades post!!

Hi!! I didn't mean to post so soon again, but I finally have enough positive feedback to do trades! *throws confetti* i don't really have much, but the things I want are pretty small, so it works out ^^ unfortunately, I have no experience with shipping internationally, so I can't at this time :(
My feedback:
For the offers I choose if given a lot, we can pm each other's addresses and ship at the same time \(^_^)/ I also have two cats that go in and out so beware if you have allergies! I come from a smoke free home too!

I would love to trade for any of the circled rumble figures in exchange, I can give this awesome mewtwo trading card figure, it's in great condition ^^ card is not up for offers sorry   >< I got McDonald's figures including a woobat and oshawott too, but I don't think anyone wants those XP


And finally, I got this adorable petite mudkip up for trade! everybody lieks mudkipz I removed his hangtag but can include it ^^ I would really like one of these in exchange, in order from most wanted to least: Treecko, squirtle, bulbasaur, and totadile.

If anyone has a sycamore card and is willing to trade for a legendary pokemon card tell meh! on the top of my head I know I have virizion, Meloetta ex, Meloetta fighting form, and arceus, all in good condition, I can take pictures if asked ^^  I need this French man in my life <3 honhonhon!!! I would also trade for an N card to ://3 I love him as well!!
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