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They're heeeeerreee.....

Alex and Sparky have stumbled upon a treasure trove of 10th anniversary movie zukan! And that means it's time to get them out to the folks who helped with the group buy. :3

My paypal account is RavenclawRocket(AT)

Who owes how much and for which ones:
$5 - superdweed (Celebi)
$10 - chatsy (The Latis and Deoxys) PAID
$5 - ashketchumgirl (Manaphy) PAID
$5 - bugbyte (Dialga) PAID
$5 - pacificpikachu (Ash and Pikachu) PAID

Don't forget to tell me who you are and which one(s) you had in the paypal memo so I can get them to the right address! :3

If all goes well, I should be able to get these out and in the mail on Friday. :3 Thanks for the help with this groupbuy guys!
Tags: celebi, deoxys, dialga, latias, latios, manaphy, mewtwo, pikachu, zukan
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