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'Chu get(s)!, more gets, a detailed review, and a legitimacy check

I have quite a few to show you...like the last 2 months' worth of plush (and other stuff) gets...so this will be a very image-heavy post, with lots of cuts.  Bootie question is behind the last cut.

I swore I would never collect Pikachu.  He's cute, but ubiquitous, and he has so much merch--he's worse than the Eeveelus, except that there's only one of him (well, 3 if you count Pichu and Raichu, but still...).  Raichu, on the other hand, I liked, and I had one in Pokemon Red, but he was my sister's favorite, along with the Squirtle line, so that was. not. acceptable.  But alas, I made an exception one day for a couple cute plush, and it has snowballed from there... I seem to have restricted it to "special" plush thus far, but I can't tell if that's good or bad for my wallet (good because there's fewer of them, but bad because they're more expensive...)

First, we have a couple of comm gets:

These two are from the lovely baconscreation:

I love the Little Tales 'Chu.  He's even cuter in person!

Next, this roly-poly little guy came all the way from Spain to join my collection! He has been dubbed Pablo Picas-chu. I am a dork. Thanks, whitekyurem!

(And yes, I do leave the cardboard on the tags when they get here. I live in Arizona, so no respite from the sun for me or my collection!)

And a get from Troll and Toad.  Apparently they have the odd plush in their inventory:

He does have his tag.  He's just sitting on it.

And I have more 'Chus on the way from Noppin/FJ.  Stay tuned for some rather large gets!

And some gets that aren't electric rodents...

First, Amazon!  I needed some new running shoes, and so I headed off to Amazon and threw a few Pokeplushies into my cart at the same time.  Gotta save on shipping, right? Never mind that the shoes qualified for free shipping twice over... While I admit that Amazon is not the best place to buy plush due to the bootleg issue, I have found that if you buy Banpresto plush that are sold by Amazon itself, you're probably OK. (I got my DX Umbreon from Amazon last summer.)

Pic under the cut:

The DX Vaporeon that I've put off buying for...a year, and the I <3 Pikachu Raichu "bag"/ball-chain plush!

A comm get from myntii! Thanks!

Now I need the other two.

Pokemon Time Umbreon strap!  I also got the Pokemon Time Blastoise strap, but it has been swallowed by my desk...

But wait, there's more!  I was in Ohio for the last 6 days for my best friend's wedding (and they did work a couple of Pokemon references into the ceremony and reception!), and when I came back, there were 5 packages waiting for me! Let's take a look...

My second custom get from the talented herar:

I love the little Raichu faces!

And a package from slothyshroom:

This picture doesn't include the Espeon and Vaporeon face clips, for some reason...

And now some more stuff from eBay:

I am super excited about this little guy.  It seems like they were everywhere for $20-25, and then suddenly, within the last few weeks, all of them were $40-60.  I am so glad I snapped this one up in the ~$20 range... I was a little nervous because I opted for untracked SAL, but he showed up safe and sound. And the seller included a quartet of little origami cranes!  He (Charizard, not the seller!) is very top-heavy, hence the fallen-on-face pose.  But he has little grabby magnet hands!

These two came in one box:

Blastoise completes my final Kanto starter collection. And I love that Umbreon's PitaPoke includes a little stack of books!

And now for a really fun get!
The Tomy World Cup Pikachu! I went with the victory pose (C) version:

Hee, he has his name on the back of his jersey! (Most of the K and the A are covered by his tail, which is sewn to the back of his head.)

See, he's all official!

If he weren't in essence promotional material meant to capitalize on the fact that the World Cup Is a Big Deal, there are a few aspects of this plush I'd be disappointed with.  First, he's not particularly soft--his material is the same as that on the Tomy sitting Eeveelus--it's probably most similar to Umbreon.  (I find Vaporeon and Espeon to be softer, for some reason.)  Second, the edging on his jersey is vinyl (same as many Lucario plushies), so it will likely crack with time, as will the screen printing for his name and the team logos. Mine had a couple of loose threads around the chin, and a creased jersey.  (If I ran the world, I'd do a "premium collectors' version" made of minky with embroidered logos and so forth.)

I'll forgive Tomy, though, because this plush is a promo.  He's fun, and I look forward to catching as many games as I can with this little guy.  Just don't pay too much for him.

And last but not least...

I got this guy off eBay:

I may be paranoid, but this is my first US Pokedoll, and I am aware that bootleg makers do sometimes use the newer US tags. Was there a 2010 US Kyogre release?  The color seems to be different from most depictions of Kyogre (it's a bright blue rather than the royal blue), but that might be a trick of the light or camera.

Some tag pics. The tags are much crisper in real life; my cell phone doesn't have a macro setting.

There's also some slight...weirdness in its construction.  The tail fins were all sort of scrunched.  They're less scrunched and ruffly now, so it may have been storage/shipping related, but it's still odd.  The bigger concern is the central seam on its back.  It's really hard to tell in the picture, but the plush pile doesn't line up and looks bumpy, and the seam is somewhat puckered.  There are also places where the fabric weave under the pile is visible.  I'll see if I can update with better pictures from my actual camera tomorrow.  Do you all thing it's just wear and matting and just production weirdness, or that it's a bootie?

Thanks for taking a look!
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