Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

Looking for some foxes!

I love my foxes and I'm aiming to work on expanding my Delphox collection! I kept missing chances to snag some goods so I thought I'd ask if anyone has extras to sell or trade.
Items in question are these ~

Charms and zukan set. Also just some questions concerning displaying certain things.

The charms and zukan set for delphox I was hoping to find in the $8-11 range for each of them. I'd also be willing to trade some goods for them too -> Fox's Sales
:) so feel free to haggle or ask questions, I'd love to get those foxy goods!

Also, I wanted to ask if any of the members know where to get coin display cases. Everytime I search for them online I can't seem to find the exact thing I need. I have a kyogre coin from when R/S was first released, but I'd like to get a case to put it in. Any suggestions as to where to find this would be greatly appreciated!

As far as an actual collection goes, I'll hopefully get to post a huge update in the near future! I've re-organized a lot of things and looking into getting some new shelves. So when that's all done I'll be sure to get plenty of photos! (also going to be organizing a tumblr page to better update my collections. So far it's just pony stuff aha)

Thanks guys for reading! I hope everyone's having a wonderful day!
I'm also giving away some pokemon goods for free over on my page -> sweet giveaway! So feel free to check it out (and if it's against any rules posting that here let me know! I just wanted to toss up some free goods for the community <3 )

Tags: braixen, delphox, fennekin, wants
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