joxxmarie (joxxmarie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mismagius Tag & Other Wants

Hi guys, hope everyone's week is going well so far!  I just got a couple packages in the mail (including my Espurr and Meowstic pokedolls from Sunyshore!) so I'm hoping to do a collection update within the upcoming weeks.  I still can't get over how I've doubled my collection within just the past few months 0.0

Besides that, I'm still looking for some pokedolls.  As of right now I'm focusing on:


MWT Minky Espeon pokedoll

mismagius tag

Mismagius hangtag that was removed/ a new MWT Mismagius pokedoll

buneary pokedoll

MWT Buneary pokedoll (preferably with the starburst tag)

eevee pokedoll

MWT Minky Eevee pokedoll (I don't care which hangtag so long as it's minky)

[Please note, the images were just googled; if any of them are yours, please let me know and I'll credit you/take them down.]

EDIT:  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to buy them all from a single member!  Purchased 3 out of the 4, though I'm probably going to hold off on buying Buneary until my wallet recuperates a bit ;D
Tags: buneary, eevee, espeon, mismagius, pokedoll, pokedolls, wanted, wants
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