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Pika gets!

Soooo, when Pikachu was announced as Japan's mascot in the World Cup, I got flooded with messages letting me know. Which is AWESOME, by the way! Thank you to everyone who let me know, and please don't hesitate if you see something you think I might be interested in! I pre-ordered the three plushies through eBay, and the seller was nice enough to also pick up the figure for me at a very nice price. Click the cut for pictures of those and a mini grail get!

This one is my favorite! These plushies aren't soft at all. The fur is slightly rough. I personally kind of like it! These obviously aren't for cuddling anyway. I think it looks good.

Super cute! Ignore the random dog hairs. I have two Shetland Sheepdogs, one of which was very jealous of me giving so much attention to the plushies, and had to be in the middle of the photo shoot. I had to weed out the pictures with her nose in it. I am lucky that they are both strange dogs and have absolutely 0 interest in plushies.. or much of anything that isn't me.

Super cute! This one is softer than the others, and is filled with beanies. He's meant to clip onto your shirt.

Cuute! I kind of want to take it out of the packaging XD but I'm sure I never will. ^^;

Now time for mini-grail! When I first saw the movie "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" years ago, my first thought on seeing the clown Pikachu was how much I wanted a plush of him! At that time I wasn't on the comm or really the internet in general, so it wasn't until a couple years ago that I found out a plush really did exist! The very few times one came up for sale, I was never in a position to be able to get him.. until now!

HE'S SO CUTE! And in perfect condition, other than having no hang tag. I LOVE HIM! Soooo cute!

Also, I just got back from a convention called Indy Popcon in Indianapolis, IN that I attended with Pika3. I did get a few small Pika things, which I failed to take pictures of XD. I got to speak with my friend Eric Stuart, the original (and best!) voice of Brock and James, and also Squirtle. Also got to hear him perform, for those of you that don't know, he's an amazing musician and singer. Total plug, but you should check our the Eric Stuart Band! Anyway, we took a picture with Pika3 a couple years ago shortly after I got it, before I had the ears and tail replacements made. We decided this con was a great opportunity to take the pictures again... it was all going great until he slipped into his James character and tried to make off with the Pikabug! I tried to get away.. but..

Accidents happen!!!

(click the picture for a larger version, and the cut for bonus pictures!)

Unfortunately my husband fails with the camera, and many of the pictures came out blurry :( I sorta saved this one... sorta..

Me in my Pikachu gijinka. 5 1/2 inch platform heels LOL I'm not really so tall.. though the Pikabug does make everyone look taller XD

This is the shine you get with 20+ hours of detailing! That is.. before it was completely COVERED in fingerprints. (this was taken with my ipod, trust me the shine was way more in person under those lights!)

I got the stand and sign two days before the convention. It looked AWESOME. I always had so many people assume that I was just a fan that customized the car, and they were always so much more excited when they found out that it was an official Pikabug that Nintendo customized (3 of the 10). I knew I had to do something, I first found the stand on eBay then found a local guy that does amazing work and had the sign ready for me in a day. Now Pika3 looks like an awesome museum display!!

Closeup of the sign. Unfortunately in my hurry, I did make a couple mistakes XD.. Either people didn't notice, or they were kind enough to not point it out. It still works and gets the information across at least! I'll have it remade eventually. (perfectionist when it comes to Pika3!)

Pika3 was inside on display the whole time Friday-Sunday, but I decided to stay an extra night at the hotel. WAY too tired to drive having only slept 2 hours the night before, and totally not worth it driving a irreplaceable car while nodding off! I was scared to leave him in the dark parking garage, so the valet suggested I park him up front where he could personally keep an eye on him. This ended up awesome and hilarious as I could see perfectly from my room on the 15th floor, I spent way too much time watching people taking pictures with him.

Thank you for reading! I have a ton of new things I wanted to include, but no time! I at least wanted to get these gets posted. (o^_^o)

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