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Collection Update.

After what seems like forever i've finaly managed to make room for a small portion of my pokemon collection. Yey =D.
Pictures Under the cut.


Right to start here is where i managed to find the space they are inbetween my other collections/obsessions at present.

Yes they are dragons and Dr.Who. However because these are the only shelves/display space in my room a vast majority of all my collections are in boxes under my bed =(.

Yey fire pokemon and Pikachus =). I know most people have a small amount of pika stuff, but the little guy has really grown on me =).

Now for close ups =D

As you have seen from my first post (if you saw it) i have 4/5 times as much pika stuff as this.

I have always liked the Charmander evo line since i played Blue for the First Time. And fire is my favourite type of pokemon =).

Finaly here is the small hand full of plush i'm keeping.

Yes thats not a pokemon on the left , it's my rabbit beige, she tends to get in the way a majority of the time.

So there we go I have finaly decided i collect fire pokemon and pikachu... also i will be getting buneary items once i have money to do so.
And keep a look out for my sales post early October, there will be alot there. Including the rest of my plush and a few of the old tomy figures.


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