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Pokémon Center Paris - little disappointment/stock undervalued -> pickups complicated + little gets

Hey o/
Today was the Day. Pokémon Center Paris openning !
So much hope for this first European PC...
I didn't manage to take really good pictures so I let you see those two links: (French website) (the event facebook page)

It was the first Pokémon Center in Paris, so it's obviously something good but...

First disappointment: the merch
As some websites (because there was a media preview) revealed yesterday, nothing exclusive :'(
Thus, why did they make this ? HD picture of Paris PC art
I was hoping some charms, clear file folders and a Pika painter plush !!!
So sad :/
In the end we only have (for plushies)
Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin - Trainer size
Yveltal, Xerneas, laying Pikachu, G6 Starters and their first evolutions - Poké Plushies
Inkay, Helioptile, Fletchling and Dedenne - Poké Dolls
And that's all...
We also have two mugs, Starters t-shirts, postcards, TCG cards and Tomy figures.
Well, disappointed but I put things into perspective and then thought that this lack of merch would be good for my wallet...Actually not xD Because I succumbed to one lifesize Froakie ^o^
Oh you can notice that the bag is a bit...simple and "empty" lol
In addition, we have French paper tags but no French tush tags. Tush tags are "international" so the same as US ones I guess, and paper tag design is the US one too (but with French writings). Also, paper tags are attached to elastic bands which are balled-up on plushies' parts.

I could have dealt with it but second problem: the stock
More than the stock it's the organisation that seemed overwhelmed
I'm not gonna talk about the 150m queue because I was 5m from the entrance and I entered 40min after the opening hour, so I was very lucky haha *RIP people who waited hours for nothing o/*
The store is a bit small (around 250m²) so it's normal to regulate the entrance.
But they seem to not have anticipated the amount of people excited by this Pokémon Center.
Only 2-3 checkout and above all, not enough stock
At a time they started to limit the number of plushies per person :O
From what I heard, mugs are alreadyy sold out like some Fennekin lifesize.
This event was supposed to last 2 weeks and they're already sold out with some stuff !!!
But someone said there will be new stock during the second week. I hope so, especially for you guys who will come from far away o/
Besides, here is the spreadsheet of members availability

So with this stock problem and purchase limit I'm not sure being able to do pickups :/
Tell me if you're interested in something and I'll do what I can o/
Prices are as follow
PokéDolls, standard PokéPlushies, Mugs 12€~$16.5
Braixen, Frogadier and Quilladin and T-shirts 20€~$27
Xerneas and Yveltal 30€~$41
Then you have to add $5 commission ($6 for X/Y) + shipping & PPfees (I have to check weight but as an example shipping for a small plush to the US would be $9 max, maybe $7)

the rules :)
I was granted sales permission on 23 AUG 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedbacks here
I ship from France to worldwide.
Payment only on PayPal, in USD and as Goods.
Prices do not include Shipping and Paypal fees.
Shipping charges start at 2.90 USD.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. I protect as well as I can and never had problems with AirMail, but feel free to ask for shipping options (registered) if you are worried.
Commitment does not give priority.
But if you are not committed within 24 hours after I gave you quote, I will move to the next person interested.
I can hold items for a few days when you are committed.
If you back out after committing, I will leave a negative feedback.

Also I leave feedback once payment done. So don't forget to leave feedback too, I like to know that all arrived safely :)

To end on a happy note, this was a nice day spent with friends, I met raikourai and we saw Masuda :3
And I love my plushies <3

Of course I also got my Pokéball Vivillon \o/
When you touch the screen there are some confetti thrown *o*

And surprisingly I received a package today :)
I'm hungry so I don't comment more lol but the Gengar is for sale (and I think some towels will be too)

Thank you for reading :3

Here is my collection website :

I also have a fb page for my collection :)

And take a look at my sales (I have to add Gengar ^^)
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