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holycardpulls, crobatman! EDIT- moved to ebay!

moving this to ebay coz of reasons! <3

so I like to buy tcg packs at the rite aid by my work for giggles and fun.

today's purchase tho? HOMG.

this is the MegaKangaskhanEX secret rare gold print! I'm selling this card to anyone in the USA- for $25 shipped.

(sales policies, feedback links and such are as follows!)
-- I was given sales permish under the sn "soulsalight" on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched, and all current feedback goes to: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/cosmicxlove/
-- I currently take paypal ONLY, and payment should be sent to: naners.bakes(at)gmail.com
-- I ship via USPS out of a UPS STORE. confused? well, the ups store offers post office services, just at a slightly higher price. -- I don't ding you for this, coz I have no way of getting to the actual post office.
-- I only ship within the USA.
-- I do reserve the right to refuse service based off of your feedback or past sales history with me!
-- This item in particular, will be protected by cardboard and sent in a bubbly mailer- I'm not normally a card seller, so I will do my absolute best to make sure this arrives safely!

I also can provide the online code to this pack, but I have no idea what those go for. so like $1.50 with fees, I guess? .___.

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Tags: cards, kangaskhan, sales
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