Erika (serenitysamaa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Customs Update + Sales

Hi everyone! As you can see I've been busy working on commissions. I just thought I would let everyone know what's going on, and show you what I have for sale currently.

First I'd just like to let everyone know I am working on their commissions from the community, I hadn't posted anything on my FB page because I felt bad I skipped a human plush I had from a while ago and started working on pouches instead. So I am going to be doing that plush, then updates will be on there instead of my LJ. My FB page can be found here

I am currently waiting on the fabric for the Shiny Sylveon plushes and pouches, Shiny Noibat pouch, Noibat pouch, and Riolu and shiny Riolu pouches. (The dark grey I got looked dark until I used it, see the finished Riolu pouch in my sales) It should be here soon since I ordered the one a while ago and the colors I ordered the other day come with UPS so they should be here soon as well.

I apologize for the wait, I will get them all done as soon as I can.

I was granted sales permission from allinia on 4/5/14 Shipping is from Canada. My feedback can be found here.

I currently have a Riolu pouch, and a Flareon and Espeon plush for sale in my Etsy shop. My shop can be found here, please let me know if you buy anything and I can leave you feedback c:

I also have my Hoppip/Pikachu plush for sale, it's $40 without shipping and paypal fees. It's in brand new condition and MWT. Shipping is from Canada and is $15 with tracking and insurance to Canada/USA.

My TOMY lot didn't sell on eBay either, so if anyone wants to buy a few of them (I don't have time to sell them one at time) let me know what your offers are for them. I have no idea what price to mark them at, so I'd say $2 - $5 depending on the figure?

Conditions vary depending on the figure. If you'd like close up pictures of a figure please ask. These are all old and in played with condition, they vary from very marked to not at all.

The group on the far left are all Auldey TOMY's, the middle are english TOMY releases. The far right group with Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Squirtle are not bootleg, Bulbasaur and Pikach are candy prizes and Squirtle came off of a licensed cup with straw.

The mini pokemon are from playsets/key chains, and the three on the far right are bootleg ones. Ivysaur and Charmander may or may not be bootleg, I am not sure.

The TOMYs in the worst condition are Psyduck, Wheezing and Sycther. Dragonite is missing his antenna, and Rapidash's tail has been re-glued. Jolteon and Clefable have puncture marks.

Tags: espeon, flareon, hoppip, pikachu, riolu, tomy
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