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Looking for some Hoenn human merchandise

Even though Silver version was the first version I played, I've always had a taste for the Hoenn region. From the scenery to the trumpets, it was the first title in the series that I really got addicted to.

With the remakes coming out this year, I figure it would be an appropriate time to start looking for some merchandise. I am going to start this search by looking for merchandise of May and Professor Birch. I know May has some merchandise, while Birch might have a very small amount if any, so this is primarily a "May exclusive" search. The cut will have pictures of some of the merchandise in particular.

-These photos are all from SlothyShroom's collection, as such, she gets the credit for them and the power to take them down if she wishes. They are only for reference.-

May Zukan

May's Wishmaker

May Keychain

I am also open to a May plush. So if you are thinking about selling one that you own, I'm open for pictures and the like. Also, please keep in mind that I am open to more than just the listed products of said character.

As for Professor Birch, if you have something, I will take a look at it. Sadly, I am not looking for TCG cards of him at this time.

If you have any of the above or can direct me to someone who is selling any, please do not hesitate to comment or post the price you're thinking about.

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