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Recent gets and Noivern/Noibat collection update :)

Hi guys! I've been SUPER MIA lately because I've been buried in bills and payments butttt today I come to you with a Noivern/Noibat collection update! Customs galore ^__^ Image heavy I"m sorry :c

Here's a teeny tiny preview :>

First up are my new Noibat gets!

Custom Noibat plush by vulpes_canis! (sorry for the dim lighting oops) He's sooooooo adorable! My second Noibat custom plush ^u^ After getting my Noivern done by her I reallyyyy wanted to get a Noibat to match <3 and when she opened commissions again I jumped on that!


More Noibat things! Custom pokemon time bookmarks by agui_chan, a trozei sticker, perler sprite from latias_latios_7, and more Noibat charms from nightmare_chan2! Ahhhh so much purple so much love <3 shiny Noibat is growing on me too x_x

My two Noibat plushes together <3

And my two plush from vulpes_canis! <3 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love love love dem :3

Now onto Noivern *_*

Ah. AHHHHHHHHHH. My custom Noivern bell plush from the super talented flag! *_* He was waiting for me in a box outside my house when I got home today (he was left outside all day, no one knew he was there ;_;) He is sooooooooo awesome I love him so much sdjlkjfa;ljfs;lkajfal;kjf; They even included a doodle of Noivern as a thank you note <3

Next up are these charms done by laurakitazawa! AHHHHHHHHHHH SO CUTE. askjdf;jfa;j;sal The shiny one is growing on me too qq I love Noivern so much ;_;

Noivern perler also from latias_latios_7! Another charm from nightmare_chan2 and more custom pokemon time bookmarks from agui_chan :> <3333

Now its time for non-purple bat gets :D


Zard gets! :)


Cutie UFO Charizard and Dragonite from the pokelot GA! He's sooooooooooooooooo adorable omg I love him!

Charizard pokedoll charm and pokedoll figure by kingfeebas! Ahhhhh I love me some Charizards *_*
Also MegaX and MegaY sculptures! I need more Charizards in my life :3

I also got my giant SMJ box in the mail! I've been putting off shipping it for like...a month now haha but I finally paid for it :)


DX Sylveon and the superly duperly DX Sylveon! Man she is huge. i had to completely rearrange my Sylveons so they would fit on the shelf x_x (my shuuichi_chan custom Sylveon is still sitting all alones qq) And also the pose figure!

YESSSSSSS Pokemon time Absol and Charizard! :) They're so adorable! hehehe ^^

THIS. I've been wanting a Pokemon Time Absol strap for forever but they were so expensive! I got super lucky and won it in a lot along with a bunch of other pokemon time things!
20140602_234134 20140602_234153
This puffy sticker set is so cute! I don't collect anyone else on here besides Absol so if you're interested in the other stickers feel free to let me know :> i'm not sure yet if I want to cut them or not haha I like how they all look on the sheet xD Also got a mechanical pencil! It's not a pen like I thought :c but its still cute!

Image I found on google since I forgot to take a pic but I also got this adorable Pikachu card wallet thing! Its super cute and I'm not sure if I will actually use it. I mighttttttt be willing to let it go if someone wants it! But its super cute :x


I also got a large amount of kids, they'll be up in my next sales post! I'm keeping these one's out of the whole lot :> The piplup isn't a kid though, I have no idea what he is haha


And lastly an Axew pokedoll, I <3 Gothic Umbreon (to match my Espeon!) and the Large and small walky Eevees, both MWT and charms! ^_^


<333333333 Without counting duplicates (3 TOMYS and 2 sitting kids haha) I have 19 custom items and 19 official items! I'm waiting patiently (not so patiently) for more official merch! POKEDOLL PLZ I believeeee I have all the merch thats out right now ^^ except for a spattering of flats.

If you know of any Noibat/Noivern merch I don't have let me know pleaseeee *_*


All of my pretty fairies! Minus poor large custom Sylveon who is too long for the shelf :c I will probably rearrange my flats later when I'm bored....giant Sylveon is blocking things haha. I'm only missing the mascot plush, MPC, and talky now! Where will they even fit....

Here is large Sylveon! ^^ Also with 2 I <3 PIkachu plush I got in a GA :)



My next post will be a sales post! I will have a bunch of new kids to add to it along with some Pokemon Time straps and clearfiles! I'm probably going to start weeding out some of my eeveelutions as I'm primarily focusing on Noibat/Noivern, Charizard, Sylveon, and Absol now :c so be on the look out if you collect them! I have 2 small walky eevee plush now so one of them will also be up for sale! :)

Thanks for looking (at this very long post)!
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