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AH! I wanna show off my collection! :D + BRING ME YOUR CUSTOM POKEMAN PLOOSH.


I realized that a lot of people do a 're-introduction' post; I haven't done one since the first time I joined, so here we go!

HAI EVERYONE. I'm sure you all know me by my icon {I think?}, or just my username, haybuddyy. :D My real name is Isabella, Bella for short! I'm a 21 year old mother of a 16 month old, happily married, and live in the US! I've been addicted to Pokemon since I was, like. 10. I think! I first played Pokemon Red and Blue and Yellow, then all the way up till Diamond and Pearl, I believe! I stopped playing/thinking about Pokemon a little after that, because of the stressfulness of school. Eventually, I ran into Kia, who is a member of this community. She sold me a Poochyena plush through Paypal, and then recommended I join this community. That is when I started collection Pokemon merchandise!! And boy, what a great time it's been!

Without further boring walls of texts, let's get on to recent pictures of my collection (that I just took a few hours ago! :D )

This is one side of my 2 main shelves. As you can see, I love Vulpix. Lol.

Here is the other side! :D Not much to say here, 'cept.. MAREEP. The DX Mareep is one of my FAVORITE plush in my collection.

You guys may already know my main collection of dark puppies/dogs. Here is my main man, Dom the huge Houndoom. <3 Then we have his son, 'Dour the Pokedoll. 2 booties that I love anyway, and a custom Mega Houndoom plush. As well as a few kids/custom pieces, and my MIP DX Tomy Houndour.

Onnnn to the next shelf, more Hounds. My howling MegaDoomy, my minty Japanese version of the Little Tales Look Out, Houndour! book (I still need the English version! EEP!), my out of package DX Tomy Houndour, as well as the AMAZING Hasbro attack Houndour. I love that beauty. Also, little figures here and there, and customs. :3

MOAR HOUNDS. Another bootie, along with a custom crochet plush! :D

ON TO THE POOCHES. My second main collection are Poochyena/Mightyena. Here we have a few custom plush, along with a Hasbro Pooch. ;3 (Erm... and my small Absol collection.. yes. I've decided to do a side collection of her about 2 days ago. LOL)

AH. More! 2 Banpresto UFO Poochyenas, 2 more Hasbros, and the amazingly adorable custom Pooch from Usakochan!

And my Poochy figures! <3 I'm still in LOVE with the TCG figure (which I got in the SSS event!) I flipping LOVE the dynamic pose he's in. One of my treasures!

Anddd, my misc shelf. With a few awesome things, as you can see!

Another little misc shelf of knick knacks! <3

Did I ever mention that I have a Skitty obsession? o___o;

My wittle collection of Manectric/Mega Manectric. :c I've got a few custom plush on the way, so fear not! x3 His shelf was a bit boring, so I decided to put this awesome background (from a playset doryphish333 kindly game to me! (DORY. THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH IT! XD)

Ah! Yes, my Growlithe line/Vulpix line shelf! I love these Pokemon, and they are part of my main collection. <3

Another misc shelf! I could not hold myself back from buying thse Sylveon plush. The lotto one with the mini Eevee pokedoll is simply the cutest thing ever! I secretly hoard Slowpokes, too

AND FINALLY. Another misc shelf! Featuring my beloved Natu Pokedoll (AHH SO ROUND AND CHUBBY), my sleepy Skitty on a cloud, and a few others. NOT TO MENTION THE FEEBAS. WITH MY POKE-FISHING ROD. DEM FEEBAS. kingfeebas - Im' tagging you here to see this! XD
And the CUTEST Sandshrew figure there is. ;; I swear I need a plush of this! It's a MUST!

WHEW. And that's it folks! I hope you all enjoyed. :D I also wanted to say that I love love LOVE this community. I appreciate every bit of help all of you have provided me with. More than 95% of my collection has been achieved through the community.. and I love every bit of it. The kindness here is outstanding! I love how we all have this thing in common - the love of Pokemon. I have made many friends for the short while I've been here, and all of you have been good to me in ways no words can describe! THANK YOU! I love you all. Here's to more great years of collecting with you guys!


Finally, I'm looking for some already made custom plush of these Pokemon:

Please let me know of ANY custom plush you might have of the Pokemon listed! :D I NEED MOAR CUSTOMS. I love unique work! :D Let's work out a trade or, something! Anything!

And that's all for now!
*hyperness settles down*

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! (I'm going on a mini-vacation to the beach! Whoopee!)

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