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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share two super amazing plushies I got in the mail this week that I've been sooooo excited to have <3 Aaaaand a few more things added to my never-ending list of stuff I want ^^;

First off...
photo 2
The laying "I <3 Pikachu" plush that I made a want post for last week! tryndamere was kind enough to contact me and let me know they had one available - now I have him and he's even more adorable in person ;w; I'm so super happy to finally have both laying Pikachu <3
photo 1
Here's all 3 of my adorable/squishy/fuzzy "I <3 Pikachu"s ^^

Next is...
photo 4
Male Meowstic! He's HUGE - even bigger than I thought he'd be! But he's absolutely adorable and SOOOO soft. Kind of expensive but absolutely worth every penny :D Meowstic is my third favourite Pokemon - right under Zangoose and Pikachu ^^

photo 1
First on the list is this leather Pikachu keychain. I don't know much about it but I saw it in an auction on YJ! - unfortunately, the auction was nearly over and I didn't get to it in time to bid :c I'd love to have it since - aside from Pokemon in general - I have a pretty extensive collection of keychains and this one is adorable ;w;
photo 2
Next is the N Pokemon Mate - I have Skyla, both Subway Masters, and Touko, but N is the one that I want the most. I'd also love to have the Touya (the male Pokemon trainer) Pokemon Mate if you have them both!
And finally... the Rainbow Promotion Pikachu Plush. This one is probably a long shot since they only come around maybe once every six months and they're usually $200+, but I thought I'd put it here anyway just in case someone was willing to part with one ^^

If you have ANY of these items for sale, please contact me by PM or by commenting on this post! (Also if any of these pictures belong to you and you'd like them taken down, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll remove them immediately!)
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