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sleepy time! sales, wants, and other stuffies!

Hello grand pkmncollectors community! Hope everyone is having an awesome day. :3
I have a few things I wanted to post about.
First off...
Next week, there's a certain Pikachu promotion that I'm in dire need of everything from.
Here's a hint, it's my main collection. What is my main collection? Here's another hint: take a look at my username/avatar.
That's right, folks!! Onemuri Pikachu
In order for me to afford this painfully necessary-to-have promotion, I've finally re-launched my sales post!
May I re-introduce you to...

Sleepy Sales!

You'll want to take a look, guys and gals. I've got some nifty things there. Sales and a couple of auctions.
(Plusle/Minun lot, Sylveon plush, jumbo Shinx, female Pika plush, TCGO codes, and more~)
Please help me raise monies for my addiction collection!

And speaking of collections, I'm still collecting Pokemon cards (Pikachu/Raichu/Pichu/Plusle/Minun/Emolga) and still have lots missing.
I want to also mention that I am not only a Sleepychu collector, but a Pumpkaboo and Sylveon collector!
Pumpkaboo is my main obsession right now. If you have any Pumpkaboo stuffies, please let me know. As always, I'm searching for Onemuri Pikachu merch! SHOW THEM TO MEEE~ *u*

Actually, here's my wish lists: Here, here, and here.

Thank you for reading this. I'm hoping to do a collection update pretty soon, and most certainly expect a massive one when if I make off with all the new Onemuri Pikachu merch! Wish me luck~
Tags: pikachu, pumpkaboo, sales, shinx, sylveon, tcg
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