lyhax (lyhax) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Intro post! My minuscule Pokemon plush/figure collection and wants!

Hey Pokemon fans! I just found this community and I was super excited to join! You all seem extremely friendly and I hope to get to know all of you :D I'm going to share my collection with you, so here it is! I'm also really hoping to expand my collection of plushies :]
Creepy Ash mask from thrift store..
My plushies are old and very loved :P Not very mint..
Very small amount of figures, got most of them at the thrift store. 033 (3)
Now, seeing as how small my collection is, there's a lot of plushies I want! I'm mainly looking for Pokedolls such as sceptile, blaziken, metagross, cresselia, and kyogre. I'm also looking for a mega charizard x plush from the pokemon center that isn't $100 >.< also a raichu backpack :D
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