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More Gets!

Hi Community!

I'm back once again with some more gets! I've been really excited over receiving these as they are pieces for my main collections (and myself which you shall soon see). I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post any earlier than now but I've been busy with exams -.- (its that time of year again).

Anyway, I just want to add that these items were SO hard to photograph so I apologize in advance. XD

Okay, so the first thing I received was this beautiful I Love Eevee Jolteon keychain plush. I have been after this plush for a long long while but was convinced to get it thanks to the wonderful ville_valo!!


The next gets were from the amazing jen81489 who with the help of meloman1a ran the Whale Of A Tale GA. Thank you guys so much and I love my items to pieces!

Moving on, first off is my little growly coin (who is so difficult to photograph -.-)


He is adorable and I lufs him :3

And then, the main reason I participated in the GA, the beautiful Hot Topic Arcanine shirt! Its just amazing!


I took the picture whilst I was wearing it which is why its at such an awkward angle XD

Next is some recent finds and makes:

For finds, I was looking through my box of poke figures and found this little guy who I again had trouble taking photos of.


He's so detailed! This is my one and only metal figure but he's making me want more XD.

And for makes, I recently made my own Jolteon bag!


He's not professional by any means XD I just wanted to see if I could make him haha.

Well, that's all from me for now. Thank you for reading!

Pupstergirl ~
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