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Sylveons, Victinis...and other plush :3

A bunch of new Pokedolls (and new versions of older Pokedolls) plus Pokemon Center exclusive plush and the Pokemon x Japanese Design promo all came out today at the Pokemon Centers in Japan.

The blind package gacha pins were the main highlight of the day. Everyone went crazy for them. The Center staff were not prepared for how popular these things would be and had to first move the machines from the middle of the store, where people waiting for the machines just got in the way of everyone, to the front of the store near the door, and then they started making people wait outside to get in and use the machines.

The plush were all really cute in person, as I expected! Aside from the gacha machine issues, the Center wasn't really that crowded today, which was nice.

On the down side...it seems like the shipment of new plush got beat up at some point, or something, because a larger than average amount of plush had bent or misshapen tags. Of course, just having the plush out, it's naturally that some of the tags will get a little bent, but it seemed like every other plush I picked up had a bent tag. And this was the first day for this sale, and we got in as the doors opened, so unless one ghost kid went running through the store bending all the tags...

At any rate, pictures!

Sylveons! They look completely different to the Eeveelutions in the past, and I am sure some people won't like this, but I prefer this new design. I wish they would remake Umbreon in this style.

As I expected, the Victinis (and all the "re-release" plush) have a slightly different design than to their originals. As a Victini collector, though, I love this little cutie!






Diancie turned out so adorable!

Carbinks, too!

The Pokemon x Japanese Design Pikachu plush are very cute. Also the basic fabric pattern is of course the same for each plush but each Pikachu has the design elements in different places, making each Pikachu seem unique in a little way.

Also, cookie tins!

(I didn't take so many pictures of the Pokemon x Japanese Design since it was mostly bags and accessories, but everything was very cute!)

After trying the pin gacha myself too many times and not getting any substitute pins the first thing I did after getting home was to take close-up shots of the new plush!

First up...Sylveons! *Note: not all Sylveons in this picture are mine xD

As with the Pokemon Center exclusive plush, the left ear tends to either fall forward or back. Also, since most of the detail is in the head, a lot of Sylveons are a little forward heavy. (Maybe it's an Eeveelution thing in general?) But they are super adorable! And have huge eyes.

Side view.

And tag art!

Next up... Victini!

As you can tell just by looking, the design of the newer plush is noticeably different from the older plush. The feet, hands, and butt wings are made of minky pieces, not felt.

New tag and old tag.

Butt wing comparison.

As I expected, the new Pokedoll is actually more like the mini Pokedoll design. Butt wing comparison!

The mini Pokedoll and the new Pokedoll side by side.

The three Tinis together. Honestly, I think I prefer the older version better, but I love the new version, too! He is definitely tinier, putting the Teeny in Victeeny :3

Last but not least, cookie time!

With the tin, I could still get the cute design and a useful item at the same time.

The lid is adorable...

The wrappers are also adorable! Each tin has half vanilla sandwich cookies and half sweet potato sandwich cookies. Two of the vanilla cookies have the Pikachu wrapper.

And two of the sweet potato cookies have the Eevee wrapper!

Bonus Round

Closing up this post...

- The next big thing at the Pokemon Center is pokedoll charms, which come out closer to the end of this month. For now, at least, I don't think there is anything too exciting happening between now and then.

- There was a display at the Pokemon Center for the upcoming Red nendoroid figure. (For anyone curious, I posted the picture I took to my Tumblr -> here)

- I can't wait for the Pokemon Time promo! It seems to be really early this year. The Raichu plush is especially adorable!

If you read this far, you deserve a cookie! Thanks for checking out my post, and see you next time :D
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