Evie the Snowy ✿ (eviesnow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Evie the Snowy ✿

Big update to my Sylveon collection!

Hai guys! Long time no see. xD I kinda vanished off here for a while. I was still commenting on things but never wanted to do update posts because there was always something else coming in the mail that I wanted to wait for. Well... I'm *still* waiting for a few of my Sylveons. I bought the 12" Banpresto from samisales but it's either gone missing or it's taking a looooong time to arrive. >: Plus I have a shiny Sylveon perler coming, the Sylveon Pokedoll and I've just ordered a Sylveon hat from a lovely seller on Etsy. :3 The hat probably won't be part of my display collection though since it'll always be on my head haha.

Anyways, look under the cut to see how my collection is coming along!


BOOSH. It's looking *much* nicer now! All dem Sylvies! I love them! (Plus awesome-sauce RDR poster in the back!) I need to get some toploaders for my cards though. xD

It might not be as impressive as some others out there, but I'm not one to buy any item just cause it features Sylveon. I'm quite picky and a lot of the 'schooltime promotion' items just didn't appeal... plus they all had Pikachu all over them for some reason, taking the highlight away from Sylveon and the Eeveelutions. -.-

I'm actually moving out in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd quickly take a pic of my collection before it gets packed away. I'm hopefully getting some proper shelving to display them on!

Looking at that photo though... I remember when my collection was, well, this...

Some figures and a bootleg. Yay. xD

I'm probably going to go ahead and do one of those re-introduction posts when I've moved into my new place, cleared my Pokemon stuff out a bit and got a shelf for my Sylvies. They're going to look so much nicer sat on a proper shelf and not just on my desk in front of my mirror. xD I really can't wait. :3

Aaaaand as always I am *always* looking for Sylveon items I'm missing. Take a look on my journal to see what I'm looking for! But feel free to point out anything to me!
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